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Peer Assisted Learning

PAL is a series of free, collaborative twice-weekly review sessions open to all students enrolled in CHEM 181: Atoms & Molecules, and CHEM 221: Organic Chemistry 1.

The sessions are led by Peer Assistance Leaders (PALs), strong chemistry students who have previously taken and succeeded in the course. Your PAL will help answer your questions about course material and challenge you to work with other students to practice learning strategies designed to help you succeed in chemistry.

Spring 2020 Schedule


Section PAL Session Times Location
Prof. Jarret Henry Noe Sun. 6-7 pm & Tues. 6-7 pm 

SML 259

Prof. Sculimbrene Hannah Miksenas Sun.7-8 pm & Thurs. 7-8 pm  SML 255
Prof. Linton John Holmgren Sun. 6-7 pm & Thurs. 6-7 pm SML 255
Prof. Quinn Brian Lee Sun. 8-9 pm & Thurs. 8-9 pm SML 255
Prof. Isaacs Henry Hvidsten Sun. 7-8 pm & Tues. 7-8 pm SML 259


Apply to Be A PAL or PAL/STEM+E Intern  

Applications for PAL and the PAL/STEM+E Intern position for the Fall of 2020 are now open! The deadline to apply is April 22nd, 2020. 

If you have questions, please contact Haneen Jaara,  Assistant Director, of Academic Services and Learning Resources at

application forms job description apply
PAL Students who have excelled in CHEM 181 and have received faculty approval to provide academic support. Application
PAL/STEM+E Intern Former STEM+E or PAL who has demonstrated excellent leadership in student support. Application


Current PALs


Name: Henry Noe
Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY
PAL Section: Prof. Jarret

What is the most important advice you would give students taking CHEM 221?
Organic chemistry is incredibly fascinating but it is critical to put in the work needed to excel in the class. Rewriting the notes and doing a little bit each day goes a long way come exam time. Also, do not be afraid to go to office hours or ask questions when you don't think you totally understand a concept as it is important to always keep up with the material. I am always here as a resource for help with the class!

Why should students come to your PAL sessions? 
Pal sessions give students space and time to dedicate solely to chemistry which proves to be incredibly helpful amid the busyness of the semester. Additionally, practice problems will be provided during these sessions which are incredibly helpful for organic chemistry in particular because concepts and ideas can be presented in a number of different ways. Doing a number of these problems will instill the concepts taught in class and allow for quicker problem-solving!


HolmgrenName: John Holmgren
Hometown: Sandwich, MA
PAL Section: Prof. Linton
What is the most important advice you would give students taking CHEM 181?
Keeping up with course material is crucial. Everything in Orgo builds off itself, so a solid understanding of earlier material will make learning later material much easier. Also, READ THE TEXTBOOK.

Why should students come to your PAL sessions?
Your PAL and your peers are valuable academic resources. Orgo can be confusing and intimidating, so working through problems together with other students in your class can help to clarify difficult concepts from both the lecture and the textbook. Take advantage of every resource you can!


Name: Brian Lee
Hometown: Wellesley, MA

PAL Section: Prof. Quinn

What is the most important advice you would give students taking CHEM 221?
The most important thing to do in chem 181 is to keep up with the material and not get behind because the material builds on itself very rapidly.

Why should students come to your PAL sessions?
The pal sessions serve to reinforce the material learned in the class so there will be no downside in attending. The review sessions will help retain the material and catch any missed concepts.


HvidstenName: Henry Hvidsten
Hometown: Needham, MA
PAL Section: Prof. Isaacs

What is the most important advice you would give students taking CHEM 181?
If you feel overwhelmed ever by all the material, don't worry!! There are plenty of resources outside the classroom specifically to help you take it piece by piece and succeed!

Why should students come to your PAL sessions?
If they feel uncomfortable with any concepts from class and want to practice it more, try having it explained a different way, or just want more problems, my PAL sessions will be perfect!


miskenasName: Hannah Miksenas
Hometown: Burlington, MA
PAL Section: Prof. Sculimbrene
What is the most important advice you would give students taking CHEM 181?
Utilize all the tools to help you succeed! PAL, your professor, and your notes are so important. Stay on top of your work as well, and ask questions.

Why should students come to your PAL sessions?
You will learn and master important study habits for your foundation of orgo 1 material, as it is very important to understand the basics before tackling the more advanced material.