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Peer Assisted Learning

PAL is a series of free, collaborative twice-weekly review sessions open to all students enrolled in CHEM 181: Atoms & Molecules, and CHEM 221: Organic Chemistry 1.

The sessions are led by Peer Assistance Leaders (PALs), strong chemistry students who have previously taken and succeeded in the course. Your PAL will help answer your questions about course material and challenge you to work with other students to practice learning strategies designed to help you succeed in chemistry.


Section PALs Session Times Location
Prof. Herrick Christina Manxhari & Joie Dillon Sundays 6-7pm & Tuesdays 8-9pm SML 255
Prof. Hagan Alex Poluha & Sumner Moore Sundays 5-6pm & Tuesdays 5-6pm SML 255
Prof. Farrell Caroline Roy & Emma Flanagan Sundays 6-7pm & Tuesdays 7-8pm SML 259
Prof. Hupp Lauren Canha & Seanan Tarrant Sundays 7-8pm & Wednesdays 7-8pm SML 259