For Faculty

Our programs are designed to supplement a student’s course experience.

Academic Services and Learning Resources (ASLR) supports students throughout their academic journey at Holy Cross. Serving in a supplementary role, ASLR’s programming prepares students to be better, confident, and independent learners by sharpening their tools for academic success. 

We Encourage and Welcome Faculty Involvement! 

We are happy to work with faculty at whatever level of involvement they prefer.

How faculty can be supportive:

  • To ensure that all students are aware of the support available to them, we ask that faculty help us publicize our programs. This can include brief announcements at the start of the semester, information included in the syllabus, or an invitation for a classroom visit.
  • We invite faculty consultation and collaboration of hiring of our peer leaders, including PALs and peer tutors.

Syllabus Blurb

We encourage faculty to include information about Academic Services and Learning Resources in their course syllabi. Feel free to use the language below:

Located on the second floor of Dinand Library in room 204, Academic Services and Learning Resources (ASLR) is available to enhance your academic success. If you are looking for assistance with a course or if you would simply like to sharpen your study strategies and stay on track, check out ASLR. They offer tutoring for select courses, academic coaching, and individual appointments for all undergraduates. For more information: or 

Request a Classroom Visit

Academic Services and Learning Resources is always striving to assist and serve as many students as possible, and we cannot do that without your help. We appreciate partnering with faculty to schedule brief classroom visits. During these five-minute visits, we have the opportunity to introduce the offices’ resources, and share how students can benefit from participating in them.  As you begin your semester, we hope you can find time for Academic Services to stop by your class. If you are interested in a classroom visit, please complete the Classroom Visit Request form.

Classroom visits are a 5-minute overview of Academic Services. Please complete the ASLR Workshop Request form if you would like a longer workshop presentation.

Peer Support

Our carefully selected student leaders are engaged in year-long training by professional staff who coach them to serve as facilitators who are not in an instructional role. We welcome and encourage faculty input into leader selection. Our peer leaders help advance ASLR’s goal of helping students become independent learners through discussion, practice, and critical thinking.