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History of the Sanctae Crucis Awards

The Sanctae Crucis Awards are named for the Cross, Christ’s Holy Cross, the most powerful and enduring symbol in the collective consciousness of humankind. In so naming them, the College proclaims the esteem in which it holds the awards and those it selects to receive them.

Established in 1998, the Sanctae Crucis Awards recognize alumni whose outstanding professional accomplishments and/or extraordinary community service demonstrate that they embraced the full measure of the Holy Cross mission. Sanctae Crucis award recipients have accepted the legacy of sacrifice and salvation, hope and love, and joy and humility that Jesus bequeathed to the world through his Holy Cross.

The College bestows these awards to deserving alumni as recognition of the talent, energy and will their accomplishments required. It does so because Holy Cross is about the pursuit of truth, the service to faith, the promotion of social justice, the search for excellence, the development of self and the understanding of others and it is right to celebrate the successes the College has had in the pursuit of these ideals. By the College acknowledging the very best, it acknowledges the worthiness of the rest, and therefore, by giving special recognition to a few it honors all its graduates.

Sanctae Crucis recipients are chosen from nominations made by alumni and friends of the college. Nominations need to make a compelling case for a nominee to be selected.

A Sanctae Crucis nominations and selections committee reviews the nominations and makes the selection. The College is not accepting nominations at this time.