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Sanctae Crucis Award Recipients 1999

Kevin J. Collins ’61

Community leader, philanthropist, environmental and education activist, these are just some of the areas in which Kevin J. Collins has distinguished himself. On the dean’s list while a student at the College, Kevin received the Strain Gold Medal in Philosophy and the Chicago Tribune Gold Medal for Outstanding AFROTC graduate.

Kevin’s tenaciousness and sense of purpose are immediately apparent with even a casual perusal of his resume. Upon graduating from Holy Cross, Kevin served in the U.S. Air Force, attaining the rank of captain, then attended Rutgers University Law School and the Investment Banking Program of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He has lectured or served as adjunct professor at Columbia, Harvard, and Princeton. This is a man who understands the value of education and who acts on his beliefs. In an effort to provide the opportunities that can only come from a liberal education, he has spearheaded the successful Inner City Scholarships Capital Campaign for St. Peter’s School in Jersey City.

Kevin’s name has become synonymous with financial acumen. As managing director of The First Boston Corporation and a member of that firm’s Operating Committee, he has served as an Allied Member of the New York Stock Exchange. During the New York City fiscal crisis of the mid-1970s, Kevin was chosen to serve as investment banker of record by the city. It was his efforts in coordinating a budget and financial plan that led to the restoration of Manhattan’s financial health. Admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, Kevin has served on the American Bar Association/Securities Industry Liaison Committee.

Long involved in environmental and historic preservation causes, Kevin coordinated the pollution-control finance funding for major regional utilities that brought about the clean-up of the Chesapeake Bay and the Delaware and Hackensack Rivers. Appointed the Chairman of the New Jersey Commission on the Outdoors, he made possible the acquisition of thousands of acres of land for public parks. He has been commended by Governor Pataki and the state of New York for helping to secure funding for the Sterling Forest Watershed, a project that will secure safe drinking water for the state through the next millennium.

Kevin’s affection for and dedication to his College have been constant. A lifetime member of the President’s Council, a class agent, class secretary, class chair, and president of the General Alumni Association, he received the In Hoc Signo Award in 1983. Kevin and his beloved wife, Helen, reside in Saddle River, New Jersey, and are the parents of Kevin and Mary Elizabeth.

For his learning, his wisdom, his leadership, and his ability to devise the shortest and most efficient path from problem to solution, the College of the Holy Cross presents to Kevin J. Collins the Sanctae Crucis Award.