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The Sanctae Crucis Awards

The highest non-degree accolade that the College bestows on alumni, the Sanctae Crucis Awards have been presented annually since 1998 to alumni who have distinguished themselves professionally and in the service of justice. The requirements for receiving the award are based in the Holy Cross mission statement.

“The primary goal of the Sanctae Crucis Awards is to honor outstanding alumni and in so doing recognize and celebrate the distinctive mission of Holy Cross,” says Frank Vellaccio, senior vice president emeritus. 
The Sanctae Crucis Award for Distinguished Professional Achievement, for example, is given to those who, as leaders in business, professional or civic life, live by the highest intellectual and ethical standards and whose private business or professional affairs are imbued with hard work and integrity. The Award for Outstanding Community Service honors those who seek to exemplify the long-standing Jesuit dedication to intellectual life, service of faith and promotion of justice.

At Holy Cross, where the mission is integrated into daily campus life and helps shape students’ intellectual, civic, and professional pursuits, those who receive the Sanctae Crucis Award bring honor to the College and show the wider world the very best of what Holy Cross has to offer. Read more about the Sanctae Crucis Award’s history