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Sanctae Crucis Award Recipients 2008

Kristen M. O’Hara ’92

Never one to settle for the status quo, Kristen O’Hara’s watchwords have always been “creativity” and “innovation.” And in a career already full of prominent success stories, she continues to demonstrate a hunger for originality, ingenuity, hard work and new frontiers.

After earning her degree in English, Kristen worked as an admissions counselor here at Holy Cross, where she demonstrated her ability to convey the special ethos of our College and, simultaneously, search out the best and brightest among candidates for matriculation. Moving into the world of advertising and marketing, she brought that same keen eye, that same sharp focus, and that same ability to illuminate the essence and the benefit of any product, service or mission in her charge.

At Young & Rubicam, one of the premier marketing and communications firms in the world, Kristen spent 10 years leading integrated teams and learning the art of branding across a high-profile spectrum of international clients, such as Sony, AT&T, and the Bronx Zoo.

Transitioning to Time, Inc., Kristen served as vice president for corporate marketing and sales strategy, where her passion for innovation and originality led to a groundbreaking partnership with American Express Publishing and the transformation of the traditional print campaign into a precisely-targeted communications strategy. For her efforts, Kristen received the President’s Award from Time, Inc.

Now the senior vice president and managing director of the Time Warner Global Media Group, Kristen leads the company’s “Sales, Insights & Innovation” teams. A proven leader in one of the world’s most rapidly evolving industries, Kristen has been a key architect in the reinvention of the traditional integrated marketing model.

Kristen also brings her talent and expertise to her service with the Heart Truth Campaign Advisory Board and as a consultant with First Candle, a nonprofit group fighting for the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Hoping to help cultivate the next generation of Holy Cross women to become leaders in business, Kristen helped to inaugurate the College’s “Women in Business” conference.

For her fervor and her savvy, her leadership skills and her work ethic, her enthusiasm and innovative spirit, the College of the Holy Cross presents to Kristen M. O’Hara  ’92 theSanctae Crucis Award for Outstanding Young Alumna.