Holy Cross in the Community

The College of the Holy Cross is a proud member of the Worcester community and is actively engaged with our closest neighbors on College Hill and in South Worcester. Our students, faculty, and staff are committed to working with Worcester’s residents and leaders to ensure our neighborhood and city are even better places to live, learn, and work.

We work collaboratively with the City of Worcester, the Worcester Chamber of Commerce, and other civic and business leaders to promote local economic development, strengthen the city’s knowledge-based economy, and support its many thriving cultural institutions. The College is a proud member of the Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts (HECCMA), which allows us to partner with public and private accredited colleges and universities in central Massachusetts to further enhance the educational and cultural experience for our students.

As one of the nation’s leading liberal arts institutions, we offer students an academically rigorous, personalized education in the Jesuit tradition—and as a Jesuit institution, service is essential to our identity. Our students connect with the community through volunteerism, service learning, internships, and community work study. They work closely with community leaders and professionals in non-profits, schools, municipal offices, churches, museums, shelters, parks, and neighborhoods. In these roles students enhance their personal and intellectual growth by forging bonds with members of the community and with one another, and by having opportunities to apply academic learning to real human needs.

Partnerships and Initiatives

Through a variety of partnerships and institutional initiatives, including infrastructure development and education, the College pursues meaningful ways to positively impact our community and the City of Worcester. We are proud of the academic, cultural, spiritual, and community outreach efforts of our faculty, staff, and students.

Holy Cross in the Community Report

Highlights of the College's recent contributions and commitments.