Faculty/Staff Volunteer Opportunities

The College surveyed current faculty and staff in Spring 2017 to ask information about community organizations that our colleagues support through volunteer work. The following is a list of organizations that were shared with the College. This list is provided for the benefit and use of current and future faculty and staff who might be interested in being more involved with the local community. If you need further information about a particular organization, please feel free to reach out to the organizational contact, or to the faculty or staff persons who recommended the organization.

Printable text available here.

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

Description: AVID, (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college readiness system designed to increase the number of students who enroll in four-year colleges. Although AVID services all students, it focuses on the least served students in the academic middle.  The formula is simple- raise expectations of students and, with the AVID support system in place, they will rise to the challenge.   AVID is in the elementary through twelfth grade in the Worcester Public Schools. In the elementary level the AVID strategies are embedded into the daily instruction.  At the secondary level, AVID is an approved credit-bearing elective course taken during the day.  The mission of AVID is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Website: http://www.worcesterschools.org

Contact Info: Janet Dee Mathieu, mathieuj@worc.k12.ma.us

Faculty/Staff Name: Isabelle Jenkins

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: CBL students volunteer with AVID, but faculty and staff can as well!  Worcester Public Schools are recruiting AVID tutors by facilitating AVID tutorials. The AVID tutorial sessions are held twice a week during the AVID Elective class.  During tutorials, the elective class is divided into several tutorial groups.  Under the direction and supervision of the AVID Elective teacher, an AVID-trained college tutor facilitates the discussion and work.  Tutoring takes place during the day in AVID classes.  School day hours are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Training will be provided.  As an AVID tutor you will assist students by:  Leading collaborative study groups (tutorials) in the AVID classroom using an inquiry process; Checking student notes and binders; Providing academic support; Acting as a role model; Providing encouragement, understanding and a personal connection to students, & Facilitating access to rigorous curriculum.

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: More tutors for AVID classrooms. This is a fantastic opportunity!



Claremont Academy

Description: Claremont Academy has a diverse population of approximately 500+ students, predominately from low income households. According to the Claremont 2014 DOE Report Card, our English Language Learner population accounts for approximately 40% of our students and this number continues to grow.  Claremont is committed to providing all students with a college and career-ready education. Students take an all honors course of study starting in the middle school; upper classmen can take college courses as part of our dual enrollment program. In addition to the core curriculum, Claremont also offers many elective courses including American Sign Language, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Computer Technology, Engineering, and African American History. There are also many AP courses from which to choose including AP Biology, Calculus, Statistics, English Literature, and Environmental Science. In addition to academics, Claremont has many student-run programs and groups including the Claremont Community Service Club, National and Junior National Honor Societies, and Student Government. Claremont has a thriving student and teacher culture where high expectations and success for all are core beliefs.

Website: https://worcesterschools.org/school/claremont-academy/

Contact Info: Jessica Coleman, colemanjm@worc.k12.ma.us

Faculty/Staff Name: Isabelle Jenkins

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: Classroom assistants for all classes. Volunteers serve as ELL tutors, as well as other sorts of tutors.

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: More volunteers to assist with one on one tutoring



Dress for Success Worcester

Description: DFSW provides local women with the attire, skills, and confidence they need to enter the professional job market and achieve success.

Website: worcester@dressforsuccess.org and http:/worcester.dressforsuccess.org

Contact Info: Kathy Barron, Board Chair, kbarron@accurateresourcegroup.com

Faculty/Staff Name: Mable L. Millner

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: Board Member, staffing boutique and clothing swaps and sales, presenting to outside organizations for support and funding

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: 1. Contribution of women clothing, preferably professional suits (HC has sponsored two clothing drives)  2. Contribute financially to support on-going training and professional development opportunities  3. Volunteer at Boutique, volunteer for intake and assist in referring women for services

Additional Comments: There are numerous non-profit organizations which are desperately in need of volunteers and resources to meet the growing needs of Worcester residents. Any skill, talent, or time which can be offered would be greatly appreciated. There is something for everyone.



Description: To inspire and encourage visitors of all ages to explore their connection with the natural world.

Website: http://www.ecotarium.org/

Contact Info: Tracy Dill, tdill@ecotarium.org

Faculty/Staff Name: Heather Kurtz

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: Committee Member, Annual Gala  Incorporator  Member

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: In addition to assisting with the major events and exhibit openings, faculty and staff are invited to participate in and contribute to audience development and programming.

Additional Comments: There are several members of the Holy Cross community already involved with the EcoTarium.  We welcome anyone who is interested to approach us to find out more!


HOPE worldwide Worcester

Description: HOPE worldwide seeks to assist the poorest of the poor globally through engaging local volunteers around the world. They also offer robust disaster relief assistance, health and social services through their network of volunteers acting as community service brigades.

Website: https://www.hopeww.org/ https://www.hopeww.org/newsroom/stories-hope https://www.youtube.com/user/hwwwebmaster/videos https://www.hopeww.org/worcester

Contact Info: Chris Charon is our HOPE worldwide local coordinator - ccharon1@hotmail.com or Jerry Maday

Faculty/Staff Name: Jerry Maday

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: As a volunteer in their community service network, I have done dozens of different projects. Most recently, I am participating in a "Hoops for Hope" 24 hour basketball marathon to raise funds for two robust Cambodian Hospitals. See link and surf website: https://playforapurpose.org/player/48. Our big projects are around Thanksgiving, Christmas and Martin Luther King Day. I have picked up trash in Great Brook Valley, painted basketball court lines and fences at Main South playgrounds, passed out fire safety info in Section 8 housing areas, passed out and collected food for Thanksgiving baskets, and more. (By the way, please consider sponsoring my Hoops for Hope!)

Average Time Spent per month: Less than 4 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: We can always use more volunteers when we do local projects. Holy Cross staff have helped me with food lists to create meal baskets and clothing for the South High School homeless/foster student programs. Just like in our United Way Day of Caring, we communicate needs and sign people up to help. Most of our volunteers are in my church family, (http://www.worcesterchurch.org) yet we have partnered locally over the years with the Friendly House, Sherry's house, Notre Dame Health Center, Turn Back Time farm, GBV Health Center, the PIP shelter and others.

Additional Comments: The biggest need is time generously given by willing volunteers.


Ignatian Volunteer Corps- New England Regional Council

Description: New England Ignatian Volunteers are mature men and women seeking to share their time and talents in service to their community, and open to participation in a year-long spiritual development program, including prayer and reflection in the Jesuit tradition.  Ignatian Volunteers commit to two days per week of service in a parish, school or non-profit organization working directly with people experiencing poverty or marginalization or in the pursuit of social justice. The service commitment takes place over a ten-month period.

Website: https://ivcusa.org/ivc-offices/welcome-to-ivc-new-england/

Contact Info: Dave Hinchen dhinchen@ivcusa.org

Faculty/Staff Name: Michelle Sterk Barrett and Roseann Fitzgerald

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: Regional Council Member (Michelle) and Board Member (Roseann)

Average Time Spent per month: 4-16 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: IVC is continuously seeking new corps members and new community partners.  Corps members need to  be over the age of 50 and make a commitment to volunteer 2 days per week.  This could be a great opportunity for HC alumni and/or parents of current students to volunteer with an Ignatian context.  If you work with any community-based organizations that could use a high quality, part-time staff member, the small stipend paid to IVC in exchange for a corps member is well worth the investment.


Latino History Project of Worcester

Description: To document and publicize the Latino experience in Worcester

Website: latinohistoryworcester.org

Contact Info: Holy Cross contacts: Cynthia Stone, cstone@holycross.edu, X2272; Rosa Carrasquillo,rcarrasq@holycross.edu, X3450

Faculty/Staff Name: Cynthia Stone

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: As a member of the Steering Committee,  I help plan events. I am also specifically in charge of training volunteer interviewers and setting up an archive of oral histories to be housed at the Worcester Historical Museum.

Average Time Spent per month: 9-16 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: 1. Attending a training session to become a volunteer interviewer or to transcribe existing interviews.  2. Attending and promoting Latino History Project events on social media.  3. Contributing your own stories or artifacts to be archived or used in exhibits (or recommending others who might be interested).


Let's Get Ready

Description: Let's Get Ready provides low-income high school students with free SAT preparation, admissions counseling and other support services needed to gain admission to and graduate from college. Services are provided by volunteer college students who also serve as role models and mentors.  LGR was founded in 1998 by Jeannie Lang Rosenthal, a Harvard undergraduate.  Believing that the knowledge and experience she had gained while applying to college could be of substantial value to low-income high school students who lacked access to the critical support resources she had, Jeannie started the first Let’s Get Ready program in a church basement in Mount Vernon, NY.  Since 1998 Let’s Get Ready has served more than 25,000 low-income high school students with the mentoring power of 9,000 trained volunteer college Coaches.  In partnerships with colleges, high schools, and community organizations, programs stretch from Maine to Pennsylvania.

Website: http://letsgetready.org/

Contact Info: worcesterlgr@gmail.com

Faculty/Staff Name: Isabelle Jenkins

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: CBL students serve as tutors there. Let's Get Ready is looking for even more tutors. Let's Get Ready mobilizes and trains volunteer college student "Coaches" as tutors and mentors who provide not only instruction but also the encouragement and inspiration students need to succeed.  Coaches are comprehensively trained to teach reading comprehension & writing or math (or both), as well as financial aid and college readiness.  The program runs from 5:30-8:30 on Monday and Wednesday nights.  Reading comp coaches teach one night and math coaches teach the other night, but students attend both nights each week.  Coaches must commit to preparing for and teaching the full three-hour class each week.  Let's Get Ready provides a workbook and lesson plan, which coaches can supplement with fun activities of their own.

Average Time Spent per month: 9-16 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: More tutors!


Nativity School of Worcester

Description: Nativity School of Worcester is an accredited, independent, Jesuit middle school that provides a quality, all-scholarship education to underserved boys of all faiths.  Drawing upon four pillars - strength, scholarship, character, and service - a Nativity education inspires self-discovery, responsibility, spiritual growth, and a lifelong dedication to learning.

Website: http://www.nativityworcester.org/

Contact Info: pmaloney@nativityworcester.org

Faculty/Staff Name: Jim Hayes SJ

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: Board member

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: We have to fundraise every year since there is no tuition. Support from faculty and staff at Nativity's annual fundraising events on campus, such as the dinner and auction, would be greatly appreciated.



New Philharmonia Orchestra

Description: Playing and presenting classical music for all sorts of audiences.

Website: http://www.newphil.org/

Contact Info:

Faculty/Staff Name: Mary Lee Ledbetter

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: I play violin with the orchestra, participate in fund-raising activities, and volunteer in the orchestra library.  I have served on the Board of Directors.

Average Time Spent per month: More than 16 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: Publicity,  Fundraising,  Spreading the word on social media

Additional Comments: I'd be willing to coordinate volunteer efforts; the locus of the orchestra is closer to Boston.


Winter Clothing Giveaway (No Organization)

Description: There is no organization with this effort- just me (and my husband, sometimes). This past winter I gave away gloves, hats, and scarves at the Worcester Public Library (main branch) on 8 different Sundays (1.5 hours each time). Over the 8 weeks, we gave away 457 items at the library. I just want everybody to be as warm as possible - the goal was to give winter accessories to anyone who needed or wanted them. Just to be neighborly.


Contact Info: jrymer@holycross.edu or jodi.rymer@gmail.com

Faculty/Staff Name: Jodi Rymer

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: My husband and I provided a number of new gloves and hats, and I knit scarves. I also solicited donations from friends and colleagues. I was the person who contacted the library, and I did the giveaway.

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: I would love any knitters to make scarves, hats or mittens!

Additional Comments: Unfortunately I can't give receipts for tax purposes - I am not officially a non-profit organization.



Red De Compasión - "Net of Compassion"

Description: This community interfaith group is to provide food, clothing, dignity and friendship to Worcester homeless in the Main south Area.

Website: http://www.telegram.com/article/20140202/news/302029837 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRZaSJmTCBY&feature=youtu.be

Contact Info: Hampton Clarkson - hampton.clarkson@dell.com 508-954-1143

Faculty/Staff Name: Jerry Maday

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: I am a church volunteer (Worcester County church of Christ) once a month, year round on Saturdays, who has helped with 3 of the 4 main tasks every week that it takes to provide Main South homeless a food line, clothing distribution line and PA system. 1) Set-Up Crew - cleans away snow, sets up tents, tables and chairs, unloads food, supplies.  2) Prep Food - chop vegetables, cook starches, stews in bulk. 3) serve the homeless food and clothing, singing and praise, preaching the Good News from Judeo-Christian world-view 4) Clean up and pack up

Average Time Spent per month: Less than 4 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: 1) More help in getting clothes and toiletries for the homeless - soap, underwear, socks, toothbrushes   2) Saturday AM FOOD from large donors - day old bread, fruit, vegetables to cook, etc...   3) Music and singers for afternoon gathering  4) Help to tear down equipment and pack truck up at the end of the afternoon.

Additional Comments: Globalization begins at home -  love  your neighbor



South High Community School Band (Worcester Public Schools)

Description: The South High Band Program seeks to guide students to cherish music and find greater meaning in their lives by becoming independent musicians who are accomplished and generous enough to contribute to civic, social, and worship organizations according their wishes and lifestyles.

Website: http://www.shcsband.org/

Contact Info: Johnetta Smith smithjd@worc.k12.ma.us (508) 799-3325

Faculty/Staff Name: Dr. Steven Riley

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: I provide supplemental sectional instruction (masterclasses) during three class periods to specific instrument groups on Wednesday mornings rom 7:30am-10:00am.

Average Time Spent per month: 9-16 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: Annual instrument upkeep,  instrument purchases,  local band festival travel costs and registration fees

Additional Comments: Donations can be made payable to South High Community School Band c/o: Mrs. Smith: South High School 170 Apricot St. Worcester, MA 01603


SURJ (Worcester)

Description: "Through community organizing, mobilizing and education, SURJ moves white people to act as part of a multi-racial majority for justice with passion and accountability."

Website: http://www.showingupforracialjustice.org/ (National website) and SURJ Worcester is on Facebook (@SURJWorcester)

Contact Info: The best way to contact someone is to go to Facebook and search for SURJ Worcester. Like/follow and show up to the next meeting. The leadership team is loose but one contact would be Heather Keenan (heather.g.keenan@gmail.com).

Faculty/Staff Name: Ginny Ryan

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: I attend the meetings (monthly) and am involved in the "education" subgroup. The other subgroups are focused on things such as direct action, and fundraising. SURJ Worcester is a young organization (since November 2016 I believe) and the meetings have been focused on education through representatives through other groups such as Black Lives Matter and various immigration support groups in the area. In a way, SURJ Worcester has served as a clearinghouse for other groups. It was one of the main organizations behind the Rally at City Hall in support of immigrants and refugees. SURJ Worcester Is beginning to find its own pathway in Central Mass.

Average Time Spent per month: Less than 4 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: Now that SURJ Worcester is expanding and defining itself, there is room for all kinds of skills and talents. If you come to the meetings, you'll be able to just "show up" and find out where you can best help out. It's also a great place to do the personal work of examining privilege.



The Glass Museum

Description: The Glass Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit curatorial body presenting diverse and distinct music and arts events, selecting nationally regarded artists, and bringing them into our community (Monadnock Region of NH) in affordable and accessible ways.

Websitehttps://www.thethinginthespring.com/, https://www.facebook.com/thethinginthespring,

Contact Info: info@thethinginthespring.com

Faculty/Staff Name: Rachelle Beaudoin

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: I am the secretary of this organization and help organize Broke: The Affordable Art Fair and The The Thing in the Spring, weekend long arts and music festival.  I have written grants, completed design work, juried artwork and contribute to various aspects of the festival.

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: 1. Visit the festival! June 7-11, Peterborough, NH   2. We lost our largest sponsor after a local t-shirt company was sold. We are in need of a business sponsor or small personal donations.



The Muscular Dystrophy Association

Description: MDA is leading the fight to free individuals — and the families who love them — from the harm of muscular dystrophy, ALS and related muscle-debilitating diseases that take away physical strength, independence and life. We use our collective strength to help kids and adults live longer and grow stronger by finding research breakthroughs across diseases, caring for individuals from day one and empowering families with services and support in hometowns across America.

Website: their website:  https://www.mda.org/event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/617878808412302/

Contact Info: Sarah Perez

Faculty/Staff Name: Elizabeth Perez

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: I participate in the MDA Muscle Walk every year which is a huge fundraiser to raise money for not only research, but for amazing at home and outpatient programs for kids and adults alike struggling with neuromuscular diseases.

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: Walking in the Muscle Walk, creating your own team.  And helping with fundraisers such as Fill the Boot done by most Firefighters Associations in MA and nation wide.



Worcester East Middle School

Description: Worcester East Middle is one of four middle schools in Worcester.  We have a very diverse population with about 800 students.  We serve grades 6th, 7th and 8th.  Within our school we have a Science and Technology Academy which encompasses almost half of our school. Students from the academy come from all over the city. It is like a private school within a school.    Worcester East middle is located on Grafton Street which is in a low-income neighborhood.  We strive to give our students the best education that can be offered by the Worcester Public Schools. Our teachers give their time to assure that every student succeeds academically.  They go beyond their duties and are always willing to do what it takes to help our students.  We are very proud of that.    One of the biggest struggles we face is helping our English Language Learners who come to this country without any English and Math.  These students are required to take MCAS and PARCC tests by the state and we have to prepare them for this.

Website: https://worcesterschools.org/school/worcester-east-middle-school/

Contact Info: John Rodriguez, rodriguezj@worc.k12.ma.us

Faculty/Staff Name: Isabelle Jenkins

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: Holy Cross CBL students volunteer there. Students serve as classroom tutors and after school tutors.

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: More volunteers for one on one mentoring and tutoring.


 Worcester Public Schools Adult Learning Center

Description: Worcester Public Schools Adult Learning Center serves adults  16 years old or older, who left school during the traditional schooling years and now have a desire to resuming their education. Classes are offered on English proficiency, HiSET (formerly the GED) preparation and basic literacy skills at essentially no cost. The Center also offers a Family Literacy course to encourage reading as a family, as that is an essential skill for children and parents to increase their English proficiency.

Website: https://worcesterschools.org/academics/adult-education/

Contact Info: John McGovern, mcgovern@worc.k12.ma.us

Faculty/Staff Name: Isabelle Jenkins

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: Literacy Program Volunteer – Assist teachers with classes; provide tutoring, homework help, and other educational support for the children of the adult learners. Family Literacy Classes run for 32 weeks, but volunteers can join at any point. They meet Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30p-8p at the Canterbury Street School. CBL students are expected to volunteer on a weekly basis for one full class (Tues or Thurs). It is helpful if CBL students volunteer in groups for this opportunity.    Tutor – The Adult Learning Center offers ESL courses and other educational opportunities for adult learners Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 9a-11:30a and Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5p-7:30p or 5:30p-8p. CBL students can serve as a tutor for the adult learners in math, writing, and reading, as well as assist in the computer labs. CBL students are expected to volunteer on a weekly basis for one of these class sessions.

Average Time Spent per month: 9-16 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: More volunteer assistance with classes, most especially childcare for their ELL courses


Worcester Public Schools Music Department

Description: Prepare students for college and/or success in life

Website: http://worcesterschools.org/curriculum/performing-arts

Contact Info: Lisa Leach is the music liaison from the district. LeachL@worc.k12.ma.us

Faculty/Staff Name: Jerry Maday

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: On a weekly basis I coach and teach music at Sullivan Middle School to help their Goddard Scholars program. I conduct the Jazz Band, coach the rhythm section, teach the piano students and help the trombones as needed. Additionally, I help out with the South High Band by loaning them instruments, filming their concerts and bridging Holy Cross into their Curriculum with Arts Transcending Borders, our Music Department and music students. I have also helped the South High Choir as they sang at a local nursing home for the holidays. Additionally, I have been a TRI-M keynote speaker, coached string bass at the city-wide choir and orchestra festivals and  helped the schools get instruments and cases from Holy Cross when we had excess. I have also helped network to find music teachers as needed and assisted with the tree lighting ceremony for about 5 years in a row, playing electric bass and help passing out books with the school officials. For education day at the Ecotarium, I also played ethnic instruments in the walkways for the WPS as people visited.

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 hours per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: 1. Students need private instruction on instruments  2. Teachers need supplies and funding for new equipment and instruments. 3. Arts Transcending Borders has been a WONDERFUL introduction to the kids to ethnomusicology - Perhaps we could do a gamelan performance or have our sitar expert visit sometime, somewhere in the Worcester Public Schools

Additional Comments: Every little bit helps!



WRAP, Worcester Refugee Assistance Project

Description: WRAP seeks to empower the Burmese refugee community in Worcester towards greater self-sufficiency, through ESL classes, citizenship tutoring, youth mentoring, employment mentoring

Website: http://www.worcesterrefugees.org/

Contact Info: meredith@worcesterrefugees.org, for Meredith Walsh, RN, Exec. Director, WRAP

Faculty/Staff Name: Susan Rodgers (emerita prof, anthropology), srodgers@holycross.edu

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: For 3 years I have been a member of WRAP's board. I have done ESL tutoring and currently mentor youth toward college applications and also teach US citizenship classes. I also do a weekly English language conversation hour in a refugee's home. I am a Southeast Asianist cultural anthropologist, now retired from Holy Cross.

Average Time Spent per month:

Most Pressing Unmet Needs: Help with US citizenship test preparation for Burmese refugee adults and youth. Also: English conversation hours for  Burmese refugee adults. College prep tutoring for Burmese refugee high school-age youth.

Additional Comments: WRAP serves some 210 Burmese refugees in Worcester, mostly Karen and Karenni with some Shan and one Rohingya family.


YWCA, YMCA / Boys and Girls Club

Description: The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. The YMCA of Central Massachusetts is an association united in a common goal to strengthen our communities and to develop the spirit, mind and body of all persons, regardless of means, through activities guided by and based upon our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Website: http://incitytimesworcester.org/join-us-as-we-celebrate-kwanzaa-thursday-december-29-6-pm-to-830-pm-at-the-ywca/  https://www.ymcaofcm.org/about-us/mission/ https://ywcacm.org/

Contact Info: They may contact Jerry Maday or Rob Jones.  See links:http://bit.ly/HC_Drummers  http://bit.ly/HC_Kwanzaa

Faculty/Staff Name: Jerry Maday and Rob Jones

Faculty/Staff Involvement with the Organization: Jerry has helped primarily with Drum Circles for several occasions - KWANZAA, Bob Marley's Birthday, summer camp afternoon activity, etc... He plays the Kpanlogo and have provided congas and djembes for the young folks to use.  Rob is an incorporator and volunteer at the YWCA, raises funds and supplies for the Battered Women's Shelter program.  He also volunteers on the Committee for Racial Justice.   Rob  volunteers & does youth development & education at the YMCA.

Average Time Spent per month: 4-8 per month

Most Pressing Unmet Needs:  Volunteer to raise funds & supplies, share educational expertise, support programs. Anyone who can play a hand drum - (dumbek, tabla, conga, djembe, kpanlogo) can help out!

Additional Comments: Any support will be greatly appreciated