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Lessons without Credit:

Department of Music offers all students (from beginning to advanced) the opportunity to take private lessons in either instrumental or vocal performance. Students work one-on-one with exceptional instructors drawn from across New England and have access to small group tutorials, performance forums, workshops, and master classes. Students may choose either 10 half-hour or one-hour lessons per semester.

Lessons for Credit:

(No audition required*)
Music majors and non-majors who qualify, lessons may be taken for lab credit (pass/no pass) for up to two years to fulfill the individual lesson requirement of the major:
  • Music 105-108 Beginning/Intermediate Individual Instruction
  • Music 205-208 Intermediate Individual Instruction Guidelines for Instrumental and Vocal Instruction »

*In addition to submitting this request, students must enroll in one of the options for lessons for credit (MUSC 105-108, MUSC 205-208) through STAR. The Music Office will be able to assist with the registration process.


Performance for Credit:

(Prerequisite must be fulfilled and special audition necessary)
With the goal to deepen the level of engagement in individual instruction, with greater focus on all aspects of their development in performance, qualified students may take performance for (full) credit:

  • Music 331, 332 Intermediate Performance
  • Music 431, 432 Intermediate/Advanced Performance
  • Music 433, 434 Advanced Performance
Guidelines for Instrumental/ Vocal Performance for Credit »