Faculty & Staff

Academic Faculty

Chris Arrell

chris arrell

Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Music
Director, Laptop Ensemble 
D.M.A., Cornell University
Fields: Theory, Composition, Computer Music
Email  carrell@holycross.edu  
Office: Brooks 144 Phone: (508) 793-3339
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Osvaldo N. Golijov

osvaldo golijov

Loyola Professor of Music
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Fields:  Composition, World Music, Film Scoring
Office: Brooks 140 Phone: (508) 793-2761
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Shirish Korde

shirish korde

Distinguished Professor of Humanities
M.M., New England Conservatory of Music
Fields: Theory, Composition, World Music
Email skorde@holycross.edu  
Office: Brooks 457 Phone: (508) 793-2294
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Jessica P. Waldoff

jessica waldoff

Professor, Director of Academics
Ph.D., Cornell University
Fields: 18th-and 19th-Century Music History, Mozart, Opera, Song
Email: jwaldoff@holycross.edu
Office: Brooks 456 Phone: (508) 793-2298
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Daniel J. DiCenso

daniel dicenso

Associate Professor 
Ph.D., University of Cambridge
Fields: History, Early Music, Chant, Rock, Hip-Hop
Office:Brooks 343 Phone: (508) 793-2390
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Schuyler Whelden

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Ethnomusicology
 Ethnomusicology, Latin American Music, Global Popular Music, Music and Politics
Email: swhelden@holycross.edu
Office: Brooks 460   Phone: 508-793-2297
PO Box: 0
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Matthew J. Jaskot

matthew jaskot

D.M.A., University of Maryland
Fields:  Theory, 20th-Century Music
Email: mjaskot@holycross.edu 
Office: Brooks 343 Phone: (508) 793-2721
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Jeannette Jones

jeannette jones

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Boston University
Fields:  History, Renaissance, Disability Studies, popular music
Email jdjones@holycross.edu
Office: Brooks 243 Phone: (508) 793-2699
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Donald James

donald james

Visiting Lecturer
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Chicago
Fields:  Ethnomusicology, American, Jazz and popular music
Email: djames@holycross.edu 
Office: Brooks 243      Phone:   (508) 793- 2699  PO Box: 151A
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Megan Ross

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Fields: Critical Reception Theory, Beethoven Studies, Hip-Hop
Email: mross@holycross.edu
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Brian Saia


Audio Engineer / Lecturer
MFA, California Institute of the Arts
Fields: Audio Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Production, Post-Production
Office:  Brooks 240   Phone: 508-793-3504
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Performance Faculty

Jan Müller-Szeraws

jan muller-szeraws

Director of Performance Program
Artist in Residence (cello)
Director of Chamber Music

M.A., Boston University
Fields: Lecturer, cello; Chamber Music
Email: jmuller@holycross.edu 
Office: Brooks 446 Phone: (508) 793-3736
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Allegra Martin

allegra martin

Director, College Choirs
MM, Westminster Choir College, DMA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Fields: Choral Music, Renaissance Music, 20th-century American Music, Women's Choirs
Email: amartin@holycross.edu   
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 Ezequiel Menendez

 Ezequiel Menendez

Visiting Lecturer; Organ
D.M.A. Boston University
M.M Yale University
Email: emenende@holycross.edu
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Michael Monaghan

michael monaghan

Lecturer; Director, Jazz Ensemble
M.A. University of Lowell
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I Nyoman Catra

I nyoman catra

Visiting Fellow in Balinese Music, Theatre and Dance 
Ph.D., Wesleyan University  
Fields: Balinese Theatre
Email: icatra@holycross.edu
Office: O'Kane 489 Phone: 508-793-2762
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Joseph Scott


Interim Director, Orchestra and Wind Ensemble
Fields: Orchestra, Wind Ensemble
Dissertation: Arthur Meulemans’s Symphonie No. 4

Office:  Brooks 240   Phone: 508-793-3504
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Instrumental and Vocal Instructors

Stephanie Busby

stephanie busby

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Bassoon
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William Cotten

william cotten

Music Lesson Instructor, Voice
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Joseph Halko

joseph halko

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Oboe
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Jonathan Hess

jonathan hess

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Percussion & Drums
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Bruce Hopkins

bruce hopkins

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Trumpet
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Ona Jonaityte

ona jonaityte

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Flute
Email: ojonaity@holycross.edu
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Sarah Kim

sarah kim

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Violin
Email: skim@holycross.edu
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William Kirkley

William Kirkley

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Clarinet
Email: wkirkley@holycross.edu
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Marina Krickler


Music Lesson Instructor, French horn
Email: mkrickle@holycross.edu
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Ulysses Loken

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Collaborative Pianist
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Jeffrey Nevaras

jeffrey nevaras

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Electric Guitar and Steel-String Acoustic Guitar
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Sophie Scolnik-Brower

sophie scolnik-brower

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Piano 
Email: sscolnik@holycross.edu

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Jonathan Yasuda

jonathan yasuda

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument,  Piano
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Evan Perry

evan perry

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Viola
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Marsha Vleck

marsha vleck

Music Lesson Instructor,  Voice 
M.M. New England Conservatory
Email: mvleck@holycross.edu  
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Douglas Weeks

douglas weeks

Music Lesson Instructor, Instrument, Trombone
M.M. University of Massachusetts
Email: dweeks@holycross.edu
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Brett Cotter 

Music Management Fellow
Email:  bcotter@holycross.edu
Office: Brooks 140
PO Box: 151A   Phone: 508 793- 3956


Alice Resker

alice resker

Music Office Coordinator
PO Box: 151A Phone: (508) 793-2296





Faculty Emeriti

Carol Lieberman

Associate Professor
D.M.A., Yale University
Fields: History, Baroque, Classical, Opera
Email: clieberm@holycross.edu
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