Forms and Action Due Dates

Forms and action due dates for transfer students.

2022-2023 Academic Year

Dates Action Items

Activate Network, Gmail and STAR Accounts

An activation email has been sent to the email address used to apply to the College. Your network and Gmail account are required in order to complete the following tasks.

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Log in to myHC

After you activate your email account, log in to myHC to build your profile and update your notification and privacy settings. Students can use myHC to connect with other students, find out what's going on, and join student groups. Students will also use myHC to receive important information about deadlines, opportunities, and other requirements.

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By July 1

Chaplains’ Office Campus Ministry Questionnaire

To learn more about the Chaplains’ Office and to hear about opportunities for retreats, service, and community building, text the word Campion to 84576, click the link you receive, and sign up for the things you’re interested in. You can also follow us on social media @hc_chaplains.

By July 1-31

Roommate Matching Survey/Housing & Board Agreement

To secure your placement in on-campus housing, please complete and sign your Housing and Board Agreement, including the First-Year Roommate Matching Survey found in our housing software program called The Housing Director (THD) – Self-Service. This survey is designed to match students by compatibility according to basic lifestyle habits and preferences. 

Complete the housing contract on The Housing Director (THD) – Self-Service » 

By July 15

Varsity Student-Athlete Authorization/Consent 

It is important that the College obtains a complete and up-to-date medical history on all first-year varsity student-athletes. Each year thereafter, your medical record will be reviewed by our certified athletic trainers and updated as needed.

The requested medical information is vital to both our pre-season screening process and our daily care and prevention program offered to all varsity student-athletes. The athletic training office is staffed by licensed, certified athletic trainers who provide care that includes prevention, recognition, evaluation, rehabilitation, and emergency care for all athletic injuries.

All first-year varsity student-athletes are required to complete these medical forms thoroughly and accurately. You will not pass your pre-season screening, and not be allowed to participate in varsity athletics unless these forms are completed and on file with the sports medicine office.

Health and Sports Medicine forms can be accessed on the College's Health Services website. Medical forms required by health services are to be uploaded on your Patient Portal. Please input your required immunizations into your patient portal. Medical forms required by sports medicine are to be mailed to the Sports Medicine office.

If you have any questions, please contact Sports Medicine at 508-793–2627.

By July 15

Students With Disabilities Requesting Accommodations

Students with disabilities can request accommodations (academic, housing, or dining) to enable full participation in academic and cocurricular pursuits. A student with a disability is defined as one who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the student’s major life activities, has a record of such impairment, or is regarded as having the impairment. The College admits qualified students regardless of disability and welcomes students with disabilities into every area of life within the College. Eligibility is determined through medical or professional documentation provided to the office by the student. Please see Documentation Guidelines on the Accessibility Services website. 

To be considered for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please input your request and upload your documentation to our Accommodate software program

By Aug. 1

Tuition and Fees Payments 

Fall semester bill for tuition is due.

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By Aug. 2 

Student ID Card

Take the next step in becoming a Crusader: Get your Holy Cross student ID card. Submit your photo over the summer so we can have your ID card made and ready for you when you arrive.

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By Aug. 13

Medical Records and Immunizations

All incoming students must complete and submit several medical record forms. It is Massachusetts State Law that all health forms are completed. If you do not hand in your forms, you may be unable to live on campus until forms are submitted. 

Forms can be accessed on the College's Health Services website. Students must bring the forms to their medical provider at their entry physical examination and obtain required immunizations and tuberculosis assessment. Health Services will accept a physical exam performed within the past year of entry to college. Health Services prefers that you upload all forms into the student’s medical record form into the Patient Portal

We recognize the difficulty in getting medical records updated at this time since many doctors are currently not routinely seeing their patients in person. We would like to collect as much of this information from as many students this summer as possible.

By Aug. 26

Mandatory Online Modules, Holy Cross 101

Holy Cross 101 is a series of online courses (also referred to as modules) that students are required to complete by August 26. The courses are 1) Matter of Substance: Alcohol & Drug Education and 2) Sexual Violence Prevention and Resources.  Students can access the courses on the Canvas platform. Access Canvas here or via your google waffle.  Students who complete by August 12 will be entered to win raffle prizes. Students who do not complete the course by August 26 are subject to sanctioning by the Office of Student Integrity & Community Standards.

By Aug. 15

Health Insurance 

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all students who are enrolled in a college or university to have health insurance that meets levels mandated by the Commonwealth.

The charge for health insurance is automatically posted on the student’s tuition bill. Students may waive the health insurance plan offered through the College only if they have coverage through a U.S.-based health insurance program that is comparable to the commonwealth’s requirements.

Students who do not have comparable coverage should confirm their acceptance of the College plan by completing the online enrollment form. This permits the College to facilitate your enrollment in the plan before the waiver deadline. Instructions on how to waive or enroll in the health insurance plan will be sent via email by mid-June. The deadline for submission of the waiver is Aug. 15. A new waiver must be completed each year.

You may not waive the health insurance plan if you are an international student or a U.S. citizen living abroad and your health coverage is with an insurance carrier based outside the United States or with a Foreign National Health Service program. After the waiver deadline, a student may enroll in the plan only if they have experienced a loss of coverage from an existing policy.

More information can be obtained on the Bursar’s Office website.

By Jan. 1 Tuition and Fees Payments
Spring semester bill is due.