Deans' Letter (Transfer Students)

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Holy Cross! Over the next few years, you will pursue your academic plan as a member of our vibrant and caring community. So that you may start to get a sense of the wonderful opportunities and resources that await you, the College has assembled this Incoming Students Website.

We would like to draw your attention to the following materials that provide important information about the curriculum and serve as your guide for course selection. Holy Cross students take four courses each semester. It is our hope that your first semester is just the beginning of an academic program that will be an exciting, productive and meaningful part of your life at Holy Cross and beyond. 

As you reflect on your course selections, please keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Carefully review the requirements associated with majors, minors, and concentrations that interest you. If you have selected a major, you should review the requirements and develop a preliminary plan that takes into consideration your transfer credit. If you haven’t narrowed down your choice of major, you may want to try some courses that will open the door to potential majors or special programs.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the curriculum. As a student at Holy Cross, you have the primary responsibility for deciding which courses to take and from what areas of study. Our Common Area Requirements will provide exposure to new ideas and perspectives in a variety of disciplines. Don’t be too anxious to complete all of the courses in the Common Requirements right away as you have already fulfilled some with your transfer courses. Allow yourself the pleasure of taking courses simply because they are intriguing.

Think of your academic plan at Holy Cross like a mosaic, with one-third of the pieces associated with the major, one-third comprising the Common Area Requirements, and the final third representing the pieces that you will choose to complete your unique academic picture. During your first semester, you will start to lay out the first part of your educational plan. While it is important to make good, informed decisions, you should realize that you have several more semesters to put all of the pieces together. That’s plenty of time to create something special! 

Along with academic advisors, Class Deans assist you with your personal academic program and help to address any questions or concerns you might have. Please reach out to your Class Dean with any questions you might have this summer about your academic plan and choosing classes for the fall.

Sarah Petty - Class Dean for 2025

Francisco Gago-Jover - Class Dean for 2026

Debra Gettelman - Class Dean for 2027

Rob Bellin - Class Dean for 2028

We are all eager to be of help. We encourage you to activate and regularly check your Holy Cross email account as that is the primary way that we and other members of our community will communicate with you.

Have fun reviewing this website and anticipating the start of what we hope will be wonderful years at Holy Cross.

The Class Deans