Liturgical Ministry

Liturgy comes from the Greek word leitourgia meaning "the work of the people;" and, at Holy Cross, it is quite literally the work of the students, faculty and staff that make worship at Holy Cross such a vital and integral part of campus life. 


Each liturgical ministry contributes to the overall worship experience at Holy Cross. Individual ministries are coordinated by student leaders, who dedicate their time and talents to the formation and scheduling of members of the campus community.

Education and leadership formation are at the forefront of our efforts. By involving students in every aspect of liturgical ministry, we have created an opportunity for them to understand and shape the sacred liturgies of the Church. 

All College liturgies, from the daily masses to the Baccalaureate, are student coordinated, under the direction of the Chaplains’ Office. It is our hope and desire that these experiences will contribute to the formation of our students as lay leaders in their home parishes, and in the greater Church.

Ministers of Hospitality 

Ministers of hospitality serve by welcoming and ushering members of the community during liturgies. 

Altar Servers 

Altar servers assist with the preparation and execution of the Mass. They assist the liturgical coordinator whenever possible while anticipating the needs of the presider. Altar servers are called upon to serve on Sundays, Holy Days, and special liturgical celebrations throughout the academic year.

Ministers of the Word (Lectors) 

As a lector, you have the task of making God present in the liturgy of the Word for our community. Lectors proclaim God’s word at all campus liturgies. 

Ministers of Communion 

Communion ministers assist the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion. All are welcome to participate as communion minister and no prior experience is required.

For more information or to sign up for any of these ministries, contact Luis de Dios, Assistant Chaplain, at or 508-793-2482.