Magis Program

What's the Magis? It's a Jesuit principle that underlies everything we do at Holy Cross.

Magis is the Latin word for more. The Jesuit invitation to live the Magis is an invitation to dig deeper. It's not about more busyness or more stuff. It's about living with more passion, pursuing excellence, allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable in order to be stretched. However, Magis also invites us to slow down, to allow space in our lives for attentiveness, gratitude, and creativity. Perhaps embracing the Magis can help you become the person God is calling you to be.

The Magis Program offers students the chance to participate in small faith communities in order to deepen their relationship with God and to discern how they are called to use their gifts and talents in service of the world. All Magis students commit to: 

  • weekly small group sessions led by a chaplain
  • making the 5 Day Spiritual Exercises
  • attending the annual Magis Mentoring Retreat

Magis students are encouraged to experience programs offered by the Chaplains' Office such as individual spiritual direction, immersion trips, worship, community service, and social justice groups.

To learn about participating in Magis, contact Chaplain Marybeth Kearns-Barrett