Scholarships and Fellowships

As juniors you will begin to think about life after Holy Cross. Many opportunities for post-graduate study are available. Some of these are fellowships that allow you to spend one or more years abroad. Others involve support for graduate study at schools in the United States. The Office of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies facilitates your identifying suitable fellowship opportunities and preparing your applications. Some are submitted as juniors; you can apply while you are abroad. Others have deadlines immediately at the start of your senior year. Many are listed below.

Stop by the Office of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies in Smith 333 or contact the Office Administrative Assistant Johanna Reilly at 508-793-3890 for more information.

Once you have settled in at your overseas "home", let the Advisor know the best email address to reach you. And consider using your Independent Study Project to test your interest in and the feasibility of a post-graduate project. For further information on all these competitions and links to appropriate web sites, see the Office of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies home page.


Goldwater Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship: Junior and sophomores majoring in math and science and interested in pursuing math/science careers selected for undergraduate financial assistance. Holy Cross can nominate 4 candidates. Requirements: American citizen. 

Rotary Aambassadoria Fellowships About 1,000 scholars selected for one-year or two-year academic study abroad. Can be used during or after college. Requirements: Minimum 2 years of college course work, application through a local Rotary Club.

Morris K Udall Scholarships Juniors and sophomores studying the environment and related fields selected for undergraduate financial assistance. Requirements: American citizen, national or permanent resident.


Beinecke 22 scholars selected for two years of graduate study in the arts, humanities, and social science at any university. Requirements: Strong academic achievement, need.

Truman Around 75 scholars selected for merit-based awards to attend graduate school in preparation for careers in government or more broadly in public service. Requirements: American citizen or national, commitment to public service, top quarter of his or her class.


Rhodes, Mitchell, Gates and Marshall Scholarships The Rhodes (32 awards nationally for two years at Oxford), Mitchell , Gates (60 awards for two years at Cambridge) and Marshall (40 awards for two years at any university in the United Kingdom) are the most difficult competitions. You may study any field offered at the chosen university. Successful applicants have a superb academic record and leadership roles in social service or extracurricular activities. 

Fulbright Research Grants Recipients spend a year in a participating foreign country doing advanced study or independent research. The application requires a good match between your own academic strengths and the academic resources of the country to which you are applying. Requirements: American citizen, very strong academic achievement, proficiency in language of host country.

Fulbright Grants: Creative and Performing Arts One year at a foreign university or art center. Grants are awarded for music, theater and studio art. Applications are judged on portfolios of films, slides or tapes.

Fulbright Teaching Assistantships In Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Chile, Hungary, Luxembourg, Korea, Romania, Taiwan and Turkey. All but Korea and Romania require a good knowledge of the native language even though the primary duty is serving as a native English speaker in English language classes. Students with a strong language background have a good chance of winning. A small independent project may strengthen the proposal. 


Deadlines vary. All (except Rotary) are for graduate study at U.S. universities. See the Graduate Studies web page for more information on the MADISON for those pursuing an M.A. leading to teaching secondary school American History, Social Studies, Government; the ROTARY for one year of study overseas in any academic field; the Mellon graduate study for potential college teachers in the humanities; the JAVITS for up to 3 years of graduate study in the humanities, arts, or social sciences; the NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION for up to 3 years graduate study in the natural sciences; and many more.

SUMMER GRANTS: Tfhe Student Grant Program provides limited support for student research and performance, including participation in national, regional and state academic meetings, and for travel to special libraries, archives, performances and exhibitions. Awards are competitive and proposals are reviewed by the CISS Committee. The application deadline for the spring semester is early February. Application forms should be requested from the CISS Director's office, Smith Hall, Room 328.

Please consult the Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies homepage for a complete listing of fellowships.