Student Inclusion and Belonging

Holy Cross is a learning community based on Jesuit principles. In this environment, it is essential to understand ourselves fully and truly engage with others. This process is not always easy, because at Holy Cross we seek to advance beyond mere tolerance of difference to an active appreciation of what each person brings to our community. The rewards are great, enriching both your education and your life.

Our Mission

Guided by Ignatian principles, the Office of Student Inclusion and Belonging upholds and works for social justice through our commitment to advocate, educate, and empower members of the College community. For students especially, this work involves providing opportunities to be of service, prepare for leadership, and undertake civic responsibility.

As a resource for information, assessment, and research and as a liaison to the diverse populations on and surrounding the campus, we are a catalyst for change. By offering ways to engage in critical dialogue and responsive action through the curricular and co-curricular, we encourage a deeper understanding of one’s self and others through all aspects of identity – age, gender, culture, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and ability. Our proactive approach is complemented by a willingness for collaborative leadership in providing support, encouragement, and outreach to resolve issues that impede and threaten the sense of a secure and just community. We assist and challenge the College community to be intentional and deliberate in valuing the importance of diversity, equity, and access. Through these efforts, we seek to create an inclusive and caring community that moves beyond tolerance to the acceptance of differences within an increasing global society.

In keeping with the College Mission, we work to instill respect, recognition, and regard for the value and contribution that each person brings to the College community, thus enriching the total experience for all.  The role of the Office of Student Inclusion and Belonging is to support all members of the Holy Cross community — students, faculty, and staff – in raising, addressing, and responding to the issue of diversity. Through various types of education, outreach, and programming, we help you develop the skills that will enable you to become a better citizen — and leader — in our community and in global society.