The Odyssey Program consists of three parts: summer mentoring from a Holy Cross peer, a one-week retreat, and a peer mentor for your first year at Holy Cross. Take a look at the information below highlighting the three parts of Odyssey!

Part I: Summer Mentoring

The first part of your Odyssey experience starts with a virtual summer mentor program. You will be assigned a mentor who will touch base with you each week of the program. The peer mentor is a student at Holy Cross who will help you navigate the summer transition and orientation, and answer questions that may come up through June and July. This part runs from June 21 – July 23, 2021, with a 2-3 hour commitment per week. 

Part II: Summer Retreat

The second part of your Odyssey experience is a one-week self-discovery retreat at the Joyce Contemplative Center near campus. You’ll start the week off by moving into your room at Holy Cross, then the group will spend the first weekend off-campus getting to know each other. Later in the week, we’ll move back to campus to help you get settled and learn more about Holy Cross and the Worcester community. Once this part concludes, fall orientation begins —  formally welcoming you to the college. This part takes place from August 21 – 27, 2021. All participants are expected to be available and participate for the duration of the entire retreat.

Part III: Academic Year Mentoring

The third part of your Odyssey experience is participation in the Mentor Program through your first year on campus. Similar to the summer mentoring program, you will be matched with a Holy Cross student who will help guide and mentor you through your first year at the College. Your mentor will meet with you weekly on campus to answer any questions and to introduce you to life at Holy Cross. This part runs from September 2021 – May 2022 with a 1-2 hour commitment per week.