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Student Government Association


Our Mission Statement:

The Student Government Association is elected by and represents the student body. The SGA works to improve student experience through advocacy and collaboration with other campus offices and organizations. 

SGA is here for you! Contact us anytime.
2017-2018 Vision:

We envision a collaborative and inclusive Student Government Association that works to improve the student experience, prioritize transparency, and place the needs of students at the center of our advocacy efforts.

Our Oath:

We are Holy Cross.

We enter into this community by virtue of a shared responsibility:

to contribute, listen to, and celebrate our stories. 

Our academic, civic, and personal excellence depends on our validation of these stories. 

Our stories matter.


As a member of the Holy Cross community,

I will live by this oath. 

I will foster an open and inclusive atmosphere on campus where each story can be embraced.

I will challenge my assumptions and beliefs by engaging in courageous conversation.

I will hold myself and other students to a high ethical and academic standard.

I will strive to walk in solidarity with people of every race, ethnicity, sex, age, ability, faith, spirituality, orientation, gender, class and ideology.

I will recognize the humanity in others. 

I will ask more.

I will do more. 

I will become a person for and with others in accordance with our Jesuit tradition and values.


This is our oath. 

This is our community. 

This is our Holy Cross. 



Mar 22
A Moderated Discussion with Roxane Gay
07:00 PM
Hogan Ballroom