Presidential Remarks - 2014

Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., President
May 23, 2014


Graduates, for you and for all those who surround you with love and pride today, the past four years have come to a quick close.  With a short walk, handshake and diploma, you are no longer students at the College of the Holy Cross.  Your years of study and research, your commitment to service and reflectivity, your joyful engagement of the arts and athletics, your self-knowledge and your spiritual growth, have brought you and us to this moment of celebration and separation.  Just as your parents entrusted you to us in the fall of 2010, today we entrust you to the world, women and men educated not only in the classroom but in the community and not only on Mount St. James but around the world.  You have been enriched by your exposure to science, culture and economics, and you have been transformed by your experiences of solidarity with those whose lives are radically different from your own.   And if this Jesuit education has been truly transformative, you also have come to find God in all things: in your achievements and your losses; in your creativity and in our world’s need. 

  • On behalf of all of us here at the College, I want you to know that we who have committed ourselves to your education, have come to see ourselves and our world differently because of all that you have given us.  We are proud of your accomplishments and graced in your friendship.
  • And to your parents and families, and to our alums and donors who have made this educational experience possible for you, we will be forever grateful.
  • Looking ahead with joy to the community of alums that you are entering, and the ongoing friendships that will be nurtured there, we are filled with hope.
  • And finally, for all who have prepared this ceremony and for our speakers and honorary degree recipients whom we are about to recognize, we are blessed.


Now, I am pleased to introduce to you our 2014 Valedictorian, Jeffrey Reppucci from Newburyport, Massachusetts.  A Russian major and member of the varsity hockey team,  over the past two years Jeff has been honored as a Truman Scholar, Rhodes Scholar finalist, winner of the National Hockey Humanitarian Award, membership in Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honor Society, and just this week was named a Fulbright Scholar.  Co-founder of “Students Helping Children Across Borders” and “Working for Worcester,” Jeff’s service commitments have been featured on NBC’s Nightly News.  But with all these achievements, Jeff’s great success and acclaim has not altered his hat size nor his remarkable decency, friendliness and humility.  It is my honor to welcome Jeffrey Reppucci to the podium to address the Class of 2014.