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Senior Awards

The following members of the Class of 2019 received awards for academic excellence and leadership in service. The special ceremony for the presentation of the Academic Awards and the Presidential Service Awards was held in the Main Reading Room of Dinand Library at 12:30 p.m., on Thursday, May 23. The College community attended and celebrated our senior award recipients.


The Academy of American Poets Prize

Aubrey J. Ashmun

The George J. Allen, Ph. D., '65 Psychology Award

Mithra S. Salmassi

The American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award

Kimberly A. Kelly

The Pedro Arrupe Medal and Prize

Courtney A. Esteves

The Karen Gottschang Turner Asian Studies Award

Shannon J. Cherpak

The Elias Atamian Family Book Award

Jacqueline R. Callahan

The Beethoven Prize

Teresa M. Murphy

The Bourgeois French Prize

François J. Venne

The Nellie M. Bransfield Award

Nora M. Grimes

The Joseph C. Cahill Prize

John Kim

The Frank D. Comerford Award

Brian P. Senier

The Philip A. Conniff, S.J., Prize in Latin ex aequo:

Jack W. Champagne


Christopher J. Puntasecca

The Crompton Gold Medal

Emily L. Rivard

The Patrick F. Crowley Memorial Award

Renu Mukherjee

The John J. Cummings, Jr./BAI Award

François J. Venne

The Caren G. Dubnoff Political Science Award

Caroline C. Kam

The Economics and Accounting Department Achievement Award

Jaclyn M. Brewster

The James Fallon Debating Purse

Ryan J. Parslow

The Father Flatley Medal

Timothy E. Philbin

The Rev. John W. Flavin, S.J., Award in Biology

Emily L. Rivard

The Vin Forde Memorial Award

Courtney A. Esteves

The Thomas A. Fulham Environmental Studies Prize

Erin W. Dennehy

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Award

Mithra S. Salmassi

The Dr. Marianthi Georgoudi Memorial Award

Abigail R. Szkutak

The Edna Dwyer Grzebien Prize

Teresa M. Murphy

The George H. Hampsch Award

Jessica A. Russo

The Rev. William F. Hartigan Medal

Stephen D’Agostino

The Rev. Robert F. Healey, S. J., Greek Prize

Zachary D. Sowerby

The Thomas P. Imse Alpha Kappa Delta Award

Martin G. Dorsey

The Robert Edmond Jones Award

Erin F. Leslie

The Edward V. Killeen, Jr., Prize

Christopher J. Puntasecca

The Latin American, Latinx and Caribbean Studies Award

Sandy De Jesus Cortes

The John C. Lawlor Medal

Christopher J. Puntasecca

The William E. Leahy Award

Jessica A. Russo

The Leonard Award

Isabel A. Block

The Heather C. Lochmuller '98 Award

Elizabeth J. Sisko

The Rev. John J. MacDonnell, S. J., Computer Science Award

Christopher M. Roy

The Markham Memorial Scholarship Award

Timothy E. Philbin

The Gertrude McBrien Mathematics Prize

Rui Qiang

The Leonard J. McCarthy, S. J., Memorial Prize

Alexander T.G. Grey

The Nugent Gold Medal

Yihui Jin

The John L. Philip Memorial American Sign Language Award

Juliana M. Holcomb

The Purple Prize

Patrick D. Wilks

The John Paul Reardon Medal and Award

Katherine T. Badenhausen

The Susan Rodgers Anthropology Award ex aequo:

Elisaveta Mavrodieva


Mia A. Yee

The Freeman M. Saltus Prize

Emma C. Carlone

The George Bernard Shaw Award

Alexis R. Rappaport

The Study Abroad Independent Project Prize

Helen V. Tsiagras

The Vannicelli Washington Semester Program Award (Fall ’17)

William B. Vogt

The Vannicelli Washington Semester Program Award (Spring ’18)

William P. Ford

The Varsity Club Norton Prize

Declan E. Cronin

The Shirley Verrett French Prize in Memory of the Rev. Lionel P. Honoré, S.J.

François J. Venne

The Edward F. Wall, Jr., Prize

Joshua H. Whitcomb

The Carter G. Woodson Prize

Nicolas C. Jones

George B. Moran Award Marcellis Perkins
Presidential Service Awards Adrian Cacho
Madeline Carroll
Meredith Coolidge
Erin Dennehy
Martin Dorsey
Courtney Esteves
Katherine Golden
Sahra Hassan
Louis Hurtado
Jerome Siangco
Yankelly Villa