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Senior Awards

Kerry Shortell has been selected as valedictorian for the Holy Cross Class of 2020. The following members of the Class of 2020 received awards for academic excellence and leadership in service. 

The Academy of American Poets Prize  

Leah A. Zogby

The George J. Allen, Ph. D., '65 Psychology Award  

Guadalupe Hernandez

The American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award  

Andrea R. Bucknam

The Pedro Arrupe Medal and Prize  

Luke P. Wardour

The Karen Gottschang Turner Asian Studies Award  

Máire P. White

The Elias Atamian Family Book Award  

Sibgha Javaid

The Beethoven Prize  

Xinyi Wang

The Bourgeois French Prize  

Andrew P. Gerety

The Nellie M. Bransfield Award  

Emily C. Arancio

The Joseph C. Cahill Prize  

William J. Crowley

The Frank D. Comerford Award 

Anthony J. Fimognari

The Philip A. Conniff, S.J., Prize in Latin

Liam Z. O'Toole

The Crompton Gold Medal  

Kerry A. Larkin

The John J. Cummings, Jr./BAI Award  

Kevin L. Finnegan

The Caren G. Dubnoff Political Science Award  

Justin S. Makuc

The Economics and Accounting Department Achievement Award  

Kirsten J. Tischbein

The Rev. John W. Flavin, S.J., Award in Biology 

Kerry A. Larkin

The Vin Forde Memorial Award  

Katherine A. Goza

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Award 

Kerry C. Shortell

The Dr. Marianthi Georgoudi Memorial Award  

Olivia G. Lozy

The Edna Dwyer Grzebien Prize 

Máire P. White

The George H. Hampsch Award  

James P. Neville

The Rev. William F. Hartigan Medal  

Sibgha Javaid

The Rev. Robert F. Healey, S. J., Greek Prize  

Thomas A. Posillico

The Thomas P. Imse Alpha Kappa Delta Award 

Emily F. Brown Baker
The Monsignor Kavanagh Medal & Award Maura C. Eagan
The Óscar Romero Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies Award Brooke K. Creedon

The Leonard Award  

Kerry Shortell
The John C. Lawlor Medal Cassandra J. Cheeseman

The Heather C. Lochmuller '98 Award 

Andrea R. Bucknam

The Rev. John J. MacDonnell, S. J., Computer Science Award  

Ryan D. Forger

The Markham Memorial Scholarship Award 

Thomas J. Dzwonczyk

The Gertrude McBrien Mathematics Prize 

Yuwei Cheng

The Nugent Gold Medal 

Wilber A. Alfaro Castro

The John L. Philip Memorial American Sign Language Award  

Dannah J. Kaplan

The Purple Prize  

American X. Gaylord

The John Paul Reardon Medal and Award 

Morgan Sanders
The James H. Reilly Memorial Prize MaryGrace S. King

The Susan Rodgers Anthropology Award

Erin E. Durkin

The Freeman M. Saltus Prize

William O. LaFiandra

The George Bernard Shaw Award 

Alessandro V. Campagna
The Stain Gold Medal Eleanor M. Oser

The Study Abroad Independent Project Prize 

Erin E. Durkin
The Maurizio Vannicelli Prize in Italian Studies Katherine A. Goza

The Vannicelli Washington Semester Program Award  (Fall ’18) 

Emma R. Powell

The Vannicelli Washington Semester Program Award  (Spring ’19) 

Landon R. Cass

The Varsity Club Norton Prize  

Christopher M. Rinaldi

The Shirley Verrett French Prize in Memory of the Rev. Lionel P. Honoré, S.J.  

Andrew P. Gerety

The Edward F. Wall, Jr., Prize  

Meaghan R. Moran

The Carter G. Woodson Prize 

Diana L. Lee
George B. Moran Award

Delaney Wells

Presidential Service Awards Tolu Akinosho
Brandon Brito
Adam Coshal
William McAvoy
Caroline McKinley
Martin Murphy
Fatima Oseida
Emma Powell
Christian Realbuto
Kerry Shortell
Chantal Umuhoza