Senior Awards

Award Recipient
The Academy of American Poets Prize Emanuel K. Parker
The George J. Allen, Ph.D., '65 Psychology Award Mary Grace Harris
The American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award Ryan S. Donnelly
The Pedro Arrupe Medal and Prize Marya V. Makuc
The Karen Gottschang Turner Asian Studies Award John S. Larsen
The Elias Atamian Family Book Award Anne C. Comcowich
The Beethoven Prize Sadie P. O'Conor
The Bourgeois French Prize Mary E. Quinlan
The Nellie M. Bransfield Award Daniel J. Desmond
The Joseph C. Cahill Prize Pamela Kote
The Claudia N. Ross Chinese Studies Award Leo A. Kahan
The Frank D. Comerford Award William D. Hamilton
The Philip A. Conniff, S.J., Prize in Latin Smarika Suwal
The Crompton Gold Medal SpiroAnthony Stathas
The John J. Crowley Memorial Prize Jack R. Hynick
The Patrick F. Crowley Memorial Award Angelo Carbone
The John J. Cummings, Jr./BAI Award Karter P. Seitz
The Caren G. Dubnoff Political Science Award John J. Pietro
The Economics and Accounting Department Achievement Award Vera V. Marcelo
The James Fallon Debating Purse Jake B. Mozeleski
The Father Flately Medal Andrew R. Buck
The Rev. John W. Flavin, S.J., Award in Biology Mariem K. Girgis
The Vin Forde Memorial Award Mary R. Woodall
The Thomas A. Fulham Environmental Studies Prize Nathaniel T. Lewis
The Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Award Natalie A. DiMattia
The Dr. Marianthi Georgoudi Memorial Award Julie R. Brewer
The Edna Dwyer Grzebien Prize Mary E. Quinlan
The George H. Hampsch Award John S. Larsen
The Rev. William F. Hartigan Medal Julianne B. Esteves
The Rev. Robert F. Healey, S.J., Greek Prize Anne-Catherine S. Schaaf
The Thomas P. Imse Alpha Kappa Delta Award Christine O. Dapaah-Afriyie
The Monsignor Kavanagh Medal & Award Claire M. Goldsborough
The Edward V. Killeen, Jr., Prize ... ex aequo: Grace M. Gavis
Thomas P. Fedrigoni
The Óscar Romero Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies Award Isabella M. Ramos
The John C. Lawlor Medal Paige M. Epp
The William E. Leahy Award Jake B. Mozeleski
The Leonard Award Rebecca L. Henion
The Heather C. Lochmuller '98 Award Henry W. Noe
The Rev. John J. MacDonnell, S.J., Computer Science Award ... ex aequo: Tess P. Conroy
Margaret R. Haley
The Markham Memorial Scholarship Award Mitchell I. Baker
The Gertrude McBrien Mathematics Prize MaryClare S. Martin
The Leonard J. McCarthy, S.J. Memorial Prize Meghan L. Gavis
The Nugent Gold Medal Joseph E. Nyhan
The John L. Philip Memorial American Sign Language Award Amanda M. Wilderman
The Purple Prize Brigid M. English
The John Paul Reardon Medal and Award Julia M. Covelle
The James H. Reilly Memorial Prize SpiroAnthony Stathas
The Susan Rodgers Anthropology Award Elizabeth V. McBride
The Freeman M. Saltus Prize Matthew L. Sexton
The George Bernard Shaw Award Kelly A. Gallagher
The Strain Gold Medal Stephanie E. Jackson
The Study Abroad Independent Project Prize Emma P. Keane
The Maurizio Vannicelli Prize in Italian Studies Robert Dungan
The Vannicelli Washington Semester Program Award (Fall ’20) Keegan C. Ernest
The Vannicelli Washington Semester Program Award (Spring ’21) Benjamin J. Vesey
The Varsity Club Norton Prize Kelly L. Nelson
The Shirley Verrett French Prize in Memory of the Rev. Lionel P. Honoré, S.J. Jordyn P. Arakelian
The Edward F. Wall, Jr., Prize Jack R. Hynick
The Carter G. Woodson Prize Meah S. Austin