Senior Stories

Learn about the inspiring Class of 2023 as they depart Mount St. James.

“Being able to make art that actually I felt a connection to made me feel like I was really contributing to our culture and values as Black individuals."
Obiamaka Igwenagu

Image of Holy Cross senior Tremayne Ahdel Garrett II

“It’s okay to still be figuring it out because, believe it or not, we have time.”
Tremayne Ahdel Garrett II

Image of Holy Cross senior Jenny Bai

“I firmly believe that people of any age desire the right to learn and should not be marginalized.”
- Jianing “Jenny” Bai

Image of senior Maxim Caron

“Holy Cross has taught me to embrace the unknown to fully realize personal growth.”
- Maxim Caron

Holy Cross senior Charlie Cassidy sits for an interview

"I’ve really been able to merge my two passions [classics and chemistry] into one."
- Charlie Cassidy

Holy Cross senior Valentina Maza poses for a photo on Fenwick porch

"Embrace your power!"
- Valentina Maza

Image of senior Nick Lazzaro

“Holy Cross helped foster my passions as an entrepreneur and helped me to learn how to take risks.”
- Nicholas Lazzaro

Holy Cross senior Emily Rand poses for a photo on campus

"Take time to reflect on and appreciate accomplishments."
- Emily Rand

Holy Cross senior Bryan Rivas shown holding a record in a music studio

“Holy Cross has taught me the value of hard work.”
- Bryan Rivas

Image of senior Kathleen Segal

“One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the chemistry department is to be OK with failure.”
- Kathleen Segal