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Holy Cross ID Cards



Crusader OneCard is the official Holy Cross identification card. While on campus, students should carry their OneCard at all times, as it serves many purposes:

  • personal identification;
  • entry into access-controlled residence halls, athletic facilities, sporting events, and entertainment events on campus; and
  • access to campus services such as meal plans and library book checkout.

You must have your ID on you at all times and be able to show it upon request.

Incoming Students

Take the next step in becoming a Crusader: Get your Holy Cross student ID card. 

View submission instructions » 

Faculty and Staff

Crusader OneCard is the official Holy Cross identification card. The ID card is used for punching in/out at the time clock and to gain access to certain buildings on campus.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, staff and faculty will be required to wear their ID card at all times for identification purposes while on campus. 

New Faculty and Staff

During their orientation, Human Resources directs new faculty and staff members to this form for their new Holy Cross ID and parking decal. After meeting with Human Resources, faculty and staff members should see the information in the form and follow the instructions therein.

Replacement Holy Cross ID Cards

Due to current conditions, Public Safety only accepts online requests for replacement Holy Cross ID cards. Please fill out the form below to request a replacement ID. Public Safety will notify you via email when your card is ready for pickup.