Facilities Security & Access

Access to Campus Facilities

Most campus facilities, other than student residence halls, are accessible to members of the campus community, their guests and visitors during the day, at night and on weekends depending on scheduled events and time of the year.

Access to Resident Facilities

All exterior doors to student resident halls and female corridors are locked 24-hours a day. An electronic computerized card access system monitors all exterior doors and the corridor doors to the women’s areas.

Access to the halls is by the Holy Cross Crusader One Cards. First-Year Students: Begin the process of obtaining your ID card.

ID Cards are issued by the Public Safety Department. The cards are programmed to allow access into the resident halls. Students are encouraged to report all missing and lost cards as soon as possible. All reported missing and lost cards are immediately removed from the card access system when replacement cards are issued. All exterior doors to the resident halls are equipped with an anti-prop/vandalism device. This device activates an alarm in the Public Safety Dispatch Center when a door is propped or held open. When an alarm is activated, a public safety officer will be dispatched to investigate the cause of the alarm.

Maintenance and Security of Campus Facilities

The College maintains a very strong commitment to campus safety and security. A Safety Committee reviews all employee injuries, reports of hazards and makes recommendations to the College Administration for corrective action. Annual audits are conducted to assist in identifying possible hazards. The audits include the College grounds, exterior lighting, parking lots and access to all buildings. The Public Safety Department, Physical Plant and the Student Government Association conduct a periodic check of campus lighting. Public Safety Officers are required to identify and report any possible safety hazards and lighting problems during their regular patrols and report their findings to the appropriate authorities. On-call Physical Plant personnel may be contacted to respond to any maintenance emergency. Contact can be made through the Public Safety Department.

The campus buildings and grounds are patrolled 24-hours a day by Public Safety Officers in vehicles, bicycles and on foot. All buildings are secured in the evenings and opened for special events or activities.