Transparency and Accountability

Public Safety is committed to providing professional police services to the Holy Cross community.

We endeavor to engage in an authentic relationship across the campus rooted in trust and respect with and for all people. As we reflect on our obligation to one another in support of the Jesuit mission, we recognize that our fundamental duty as police officers is to serve mankind and in doing so, ensure a just and equitable process. We recognize our badge worn proudly on our uniform as a symbol of public faith, and we accept it as a public trust to be protected and safeguarded above all else. 

To ensure that each member of Public Safety possesses the character and integrity required of an honorable public servant, we go to great lengths to recruit, hire, and extensively and continuously train each one of our police officers and emergency dispatchers. 

Recruiting, Vetting and Hiring

“We want the human being to come to the job first and the police officer-self to arrive second.” 


Beyond the initial professional certification training, the Department of Public Safety invests heavily in the continued development of its police officers and dispatchers to ensure we bring current and progressive services and skills to every call we respond to.

Compliments and Complaints

Learn how to submit a compliment or complaint about one of our Public Safety officers or dispatchers.