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Enabling Access, Diversity and Affordability

Holy Cross is one of the rare institutions that has committed to both need-blind admissions and meeting full-demonstrated need.

These policies are critical because they ensure that our applicants are judged on their merits, not their means. They also help ensure that a Holy Cross education remains within reach to exceptional students from across a wider cultural, geographic and economic spectrum. But they are challenging commitments to uphold.

As a Catholic and Jesuit college, these policies are traditionally regarded as central to our mission and identity. This campaign will help Holy Cross preserve these dual policies.

Currently, 60 percent of Holy Cross students receive financial aid. Part of the capital raised during the campaign will be devoted to increased overall support of financial aid.

Learn more about College's financial aid program and its impact on students by downloading Access and Affordability: Financial Aid at Holy Cross »

Priority News

“Education is the Key” »

Feb 2, 2017

Alumni discuss transformative power of Holy Cross' education and need to create opportunities for future students.

Need Blind Admission

A Commitment to Need Blind Admission »

Jan 18, 2016

Holy Cross is a “need-blind” institution that meets the full demonstrated need of our students. Our applicants for admission are judged solely on their merits, regardless of their ability to afford tuition costs.

Priority Goal
James F. Mooney III ’90 and Lisa Mooney
Jennifer Nash '17
Jennifer Nash '17, Long Beach, NY