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Unlike anything offered at Holy Cross, CreateLab is an innovative team-taught course that moves away from the traditional classroom experience, inviting students to explore their creativity and imagination and to take risks in a range of activities that engage with the theme of the course through multiple disciplines and unexpected perspectives. 

CreateLab, stemming from Arts Transcending Borders (ATB), brings together a diverse team of faculty and the College’s visiting artists-in-residence, along with students from varying majors and class years to participate in a semester of unconventional learning. Through lectures, performances, and collaborative projects that challenge students outside of their comfort zones, students are encouraged to think creatively and deeply; to articulate and tackle their fears; to tolerate ambiguity; and to honor process as well as product. Simultaneously, students develop the skills to build and stand by their arguments; to sustain long-range project development; and to collaborate and commit to teamwork. The faculty of this organic course facilitate, instigate, provoke, and support the students as they explore their limits and break past them.

By exploring questions relating to originality and the origins of creative work through multidisciplinary, experiential, project-based learning, the Spring 2020 offering of CreateLab seeks to deepen our understanding and appreciation of the creative process, of the ways in which it is variously used and misused, and of the larger moral, ethical, and spiritual concerns that accompany creative work. 

Spring 2020 Faculty

Leah Hager Cohen, English
Mark Freeman, Psychology
Osvaldo Golijov, Music
Ed Isser, Theatre and Dance
Ellis Jones, Sociology and Anthropology

Video Credit: Tom Rettig