Campaign Priorities

To realize new standards of excellence in teaching, learning, creativity and scholarship across the College, the Become More campaign raised $420.4 million — $20 million beyond the campaign goal — in pursuit of the following six priorities.

students processing at outdoor mass

Priority 1: Inspiring Creative Teaching and Learning

Dollars Raised – $111.6M
Donors – 853

Giving undergraduate students the broadest and deepest exposure to the liberal arts; honing their skills in communication and ethical inquiry; enabling faculty to provide exceptional educational and research opportunities; and elevating the arts at Holy Cross.

Gifts in Action: Enabling faculty to provide innovative, interdisciplinary learning experiences in the classroom and the lab, a significant part of the Become More campaign was an emphasis on the arts. In addition to increasing and diversifying our arts programs, such as the interdisciplinary Arts Transcending Borders and Create Lab initiatives, construction continues on the ambitious and comprehensive Prior Performing Arts Center, destined to become a focal point on campus, opening new possibilities for both theoretical and experiential learning.

Priority 2: Living Our Faith

Dollars Raised – $21.1M
Donors – 222

Enhancing opportunities for reflection and discernment as well as our on-campus ministry activities and service initiatives.

Gifts in Action: A new home to all of our retreat programs, the Thomas P. Joyce ’59 Contemplative Center provides students additional opportunities to focus on faith and discernment. Additional campaign resources have:

  1. established ministers in residence — Jesuits and lay people who will be available in the residence halls — to make the process of discernment and reflection an ongoing aspect of our students’ lives;
  2. expanded our existing outreach programs and created new programs to promote leadership, service and social justice, both across the globe and in our local community; and
  3. continued support for global Catholicism in both scholarship and service.

Priority 3: Advancing Success, Leadership and Citizenship

Dollars Raised – $33.6M
Donors – 2,982

Increasing discernment initiatives to prepare students to be thoughtful leaders and responsible global citizens through more experiential learning opportunities, new internships and study abroad opportunities, and enhanced mentoring.

Gifts in Action: The experiential learning hub for Holy Cross, the J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World consolidates internships, student research, community- and project-based learning. The Atchinson Fellows in Business, Ethics and Society make possible the appointment of a distinguished executive at the senior level from beyond the Holy Cross faculty. The Hon. Joseph F. Greene Jr. ’51, P81, 84 Moot Court Program provides students with opportunities to hone skills that deliver a professional edge in any major.

Priority 4: Empowering Athletics, Health and Wellness

Dollars Raised – $74.8M
Donors – 10,581

Extending our legacy and upholding our competitive tradition; giving our student-athletes a world-class collegiate experience and committing ourselves to all students’ well-being.

Gifts in Action: The newly renovated, expanded Hart Center at the Luth Athletic Complex provides our student-athletes with facilities consistent with those offered by other Division I athletic programs. The Joanne Chouinard-Luth Recreation and Wellness Center, known affectionately as “the Jo,” serves at the hub for campus wellness for the entire Holy Cross student body.

Priority 5: Enabling Access, Diversity and Affordability

Dollars Raised – $61.7M
Donors – 1,012

Meeting the financial needs of our admitted students and ensuring a Holy Cross education remains within reach to every exceptional student, regardless of cultural, geographic and economic background.

Gifts in Action: The Become More campaign enabled the College to expand overall support for financial aid. Over the course of the campaign, 60 endowed scholarship funds totaling $30 million were added to the permanent endowment. A second area of investment, informed by evolving institutional priorities, is focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Priority 6: Sustaining Our Future, Our Mission, Our Vision

Dollars Raised – $117.7M
Donors – 28,450

Ensuring the long-term health and viability of the College by increasing support for the Holy Cross Fund.

Gifts in Action: Because unrestricted funds are essential to the day-to-day function of the College as well as to its future, the Holy Cross Fund played a significant role in the campaign — raising over $75 million over the seven-year period and growing annual unrestricted dollars to above $10 million. Over the course of the campaign, 1,159 gifts of $10,000+ were made to the Holy Cross Fund, and 235 gifts of $10,000+ were made to the Crusader Athletics Fund. A total of 203 alumni and parents made gifts of $15,000+ to the Holy Cross Fund Scholars program – a total of $3.3 million.