Distinctive Collection Holdings

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Ahern, Rev. Joseph D., S.J Papers 1917-1963 1 box
Alhambra, Order of Papers 1980-1988 1 box
Athy, James A. Scrapbook
Alaska Trip
1909 1 volume
Aukstikalmis, Rev. Pranciskus Notebook 1938 1 volume;
1 folder
Autograph Collection Mixed Material 1600-1970 1 box,
1 volume;
1 oversize box
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Barton, George Sumner Collection 352-1900 1 box;
1 oversize
Bean, Rev. Henry, E., S.J. Papers 1920-1968 2 boxes
Berryman, Clifford Kennedy Cartoons 1920s 3 oversized boxes
Blakelock, Ralph Albert Sketches 1870-1919 1 box;
5 sketches
Boland Family Ledgers and
1861-1879 2 boxes
Boylan, Rev. Bernard R., S.J. Papers 1931-1978 1 box
Brassard, Rev. Gerard Armorial of
the Catholic
Clergy in Canada
1933 2 volumes
Bryant, Blanche Scrapbook of
Daimariscotta, Maine
1920s-1940s 1 volume;
1 folder;
1 book
Buckley, Rev. Charles E., S.J.  Papers 1940s 1 box
Burke, Rev. Richard P, S.J. Papers 1972-1999 1 box;
1 folder
Busam, Rev. Joseph, S.J. Papers 1960s-1980s 2 boxes
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Cahil, Rev. Raymond F. X. Papers 1920s-1990s 1 box
Callahan, Rev. Hubert, S.J. Papers 1947-1954 1 box
Carroll, Rev. William A., S.J. Papers 1920s-1980s 4 boxes
Cary, Rev. William, S.J. Papers 1910-1945

1 box;
2 folders

Catholic Alumni Sodality Records 1945-2011 17 boxes
Cheney, Rev. Edmund, S.J. Papers   3 boxes;
1 oversized box
Connors, Rev. Joseph Bryan, S.J. Papers 1930s 1 box
Costello, George H. Sermons 1895-1908 1 box

Coyle, Rev.
William H.


Autograph Book 1880s 1 volume
Coyne, Dr. John Dental Register 1903-1904 1 volume
Coyne, Rev. M. J. Theology Notes 1883-1886 1 volume
Curley, James Michael Papers 1913-1997 17 boxes;
678 vols;
misc. items
Curran, T.E. Legal Documents 1760s-1920s 1 box
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Deaf Catholic Archives Mixed Media 1926-present aprox. 80
Deedy, "Jack" Papers 1948-1996 10 boxes
Delany, Rev. Cyril R., S.J. Papers 1950s-1970s 4 boxes
Denn, Patrick (?) Sermons and Writings Book c.1816 1 volume
Derry, George Herman Papers c.1911-1934 11 boxes
Donahue, Rev. Joseph F. , S.J. Papers 1921-1990s 1 box
Donaldson, Rev. William T, S.J. Papers 1920s-1970s 2 boxes
Donohue, Rev. Florence J. Papers 1921-1948 1 box
Dowd, Thomas Papers 1909-1956 5 boxes;
4 volumes
Dowling, Rev. Richard J., S.J. Papers 1940s-1960s 3 boxes
Duff, Rev. Edward J., S.J. Papers 1930s-1970s 4 boxes
Dunigan Rev. David R., S.J. Papers 1843-1849 1 box
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Earls, Rev. Michael, S.J. Papers 1888-1957 8 boxes
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Facey, Rev. Paul W., S..J. Papers 1940s 3 boxes
Fallon Family Papers 1903-1946 1 box;
2 oversize boxes
The Fatherless Children of France Book (chiefly 1917-1920s) 6 boxes;
2 oversize boxes

The Fatherless Children of France-
Felton Hall Scrapbook

Book 1917-1921 1 volume
Fiekers, Rev. Bernard A., S.J. Papers 1920s-1960s 6 boxes
Fitzgerald, John F. Collection 1896; 1906-1914 52 boxes;
39 scrapbooks;
13 Account books
Fitzgerald, Rev. Joseph, S.J Papers 1950s-1960s 7 boxes
Flanagan, Bishop Bernard Papers 1932-1990 3 boxes
Flavin, Rev. John W., S.J. Papers 1940s-1950s 1 box
Fletcher, Rev. John J., S.J. Autograph Collection 1487-1897 1 box
Flynn, Governor William S. Scrapbooks 1922-1925 9 volumes
Foley, Rev. John P., S.J. Papers 1940s-1950s 1 box
Foran, Rev. T. Lawrence, S.J. Papers 1913-1980s 2 boxes
Fortier, Rev. Matthew L., S.J. Papers 1922-1926 1 box
Fox, Rev. Joseph P., S.J      Papers 1942-1982 1 box
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Gallagher, Rev. Frederick A., S.J. Papers 1898-1960 1 box
Garrity, W. Arthur Office Diaries and Appointment Books 1958-1976 3 boxes
Georgetown University Centennial Scrapbook 1889 1 volume
Gillis, Rev. Florence M., S.J. Papers 1917-1918 1 folder
Golden, Edward J. Collection 1969-2009 3 boxes
Green, Richard J. Collection 1960s-1970s 3 boxes;
Misc. items
Griffin, John H. Notes on Jewish
1881 1 volume
Guiney Family Guiney Family Guiney Family Guiney Family
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Haberlin, Msgr. Richard J. Collection 1922 1 box;
1 oversized box
Handrahan, James Collection 1890s-1950s 12 boxes
Hanify-Kimmel Collection 1940s-1990s 27 boxes
Hanrahan, Cornelius Papers Collection Collection1 mss. box
Haran, Rev. John P., S.J. Papers 1930s-1980s 5 boxes
Hart, Rev. Francis J., S.J. Papers 1917-1977 1 box
Healey, Rev. Robert F., S.J. Papers 1940-1987 9 boxes
Healey, Arthur D. Collection 1923-1966 5 boxes
Higgins, Rev. George A., S.J. Papers 1935, 1943, Undated 5 boxes
Higgins, Rev. P.J., S.J. Collection 1940s 2 boxes
Hill, Rev. Owen, S.J. Poetry Book   1 volume
Holocaust Collection 1943-1990;
5 boxes
Honore, Rev. Lionel, S.J. Papers 1958-2006 1 box
Hudson, Charles.E. Papers 1900-1904 1 box
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James, Rev. Horace Papers 1862-1869 1 box
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Kelly, Rev. Thomas L. Papers c. 1909-1921 5 boxes
Kennedy, William P. Collection 1904-1924 6 boxes;
Misc. items
Rev. Charles L.
Kimball, S.J.
Papers   1 box
Rev. Anthony
Kuzniewski, S.J.
Papers 1990s 1 box
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Lancaster, Bruce Papers 1963 1 box
Lapore, Dominic Papers 1940s-1980s 4 boxes
Lapomarda, Rev. Vincent A., S.J. Papers   33 boxes
Lathrop, George Parsons Papers 1878-1906 1 box
Lewis, William A Journal 1923-1924 1 box
LGBTQIA+ History Research Guide 1969-2019 1 PDF
Loftus, Edward J. Collection 1400s-1500s 1 oversize box
Log Book Collection 1829-1933;
4 volumes
Lucey, Rev. William Papers and Writings 1935 23 boxes
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Mackay, Edmund            Philosophy Notebook   1 volume
Madden, Rev. Arthur J., S.J. Papers 1932, 1940-1981 7 boxes
Mahoney, Rev. Ambrose J, S.J. Papers Early 1900s-1980s 1 box
Marique, Rev. Joseph M.F., S.J. Papers 1940s-1970s 3 boxes
Marshall, Bishop John  D., S.J. Papers 1972-1992 17 boxes
McCoy, John Collection 1890-1917;
8 boxes;
1 oversize box
McIntyre, Rev. Richard Letters 1932-1936 36 letters
175 pages
McDonald, Irving Papers 1932, 1938 1 box
McLaughlin, Rev. John, S.J. Political Collection 1970-1971 2 boxes
McLaughlan, Rev. Thomas L., S.J. Papers 1900s-1910 1 box
McNally, Rev. Brendan C., S.J. Papers   8 boxes
McNamara, Owen Reminiscences of Fatherland 1868 1 volume
McNeil, Ogretta Political Collection 1997-2003 6 boxes
Moran, Donald (?) Poetry Book 1893 1 volume
Moran, James, P. Congressional Papers 1991-2015 117 Boxes
Murray, Rev. John T., S.J. Papers 1970s-1990s 23 boxes
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Newman, Cardinal John Henry Collection 1842, 1884, undated 2 boxes

Ninth Infantry Division

Records 1942-Present 38 boxes
Nota, Rev. Leonard, S.J. Philosophy Book c 1860s 1 volume
Nourse, Mary Autograph Album 1860s 1 volume
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O'Callahan, Rev. Joseph T., S.J. Papers 1945-2003 5 boxes
O'Connor Sr., Andrew Collection 1920s-1970s 1 box
O'Connor, Patrick Collection 1578-20th Century 1 box
O'Connor, Rev. Leo A., S.J., Papers 1960s-1970s 26 boxes
O'Dwyer, George A. Collection 1917-1927 4 boxes
O'Flynn, Richard Collection 1845-1905 20 volumes;
1 box
O'Halloran, Rev. William, S.J. Collection 1945-1981 1 oversized box
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Perron, Rev. James, S.J. Papers 1870s 1 box
Peters, Rev. Albert, S.J. Papers 1918 1 box
Pierce, Silas and Co. Records 1832-1894 3 boxes
3 volumes
Pothier, Aram Papers 1909-1928 1 box
Prendergast, Rev. Joseph, S.J. Papers 1870s-1920s 3 boxes
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Reid, Richard Collection 1914-1958 1 oversized box
Reidy, Rev. Maurice, S.J. Papers 1950s-1970s 8 boxes
Reilly, Joseph Papers 1901-1950 10 boxes
Renaud, Louis C. Miles of Girls, a Play 2002 1 box
Robbins, Daniel Account Book 1790-1805 1 volume
Rouleau Autograph Collection 1859-1943 1 box
Ryan, William T. Heraldry Collection   11 boxes
3 volumes
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Sarjeant, Rev. Francis B., S.J. Papers 1940s 1 box
Sloane, Rev. Clarence, S.J. Papers 1918-1953 1 box
Smith, Rev. Thomas, S.J. Photo Album 1928-1957 1 volume;
1 folder loose materials
St. Bernard's Church-Fitchburg, MA Account Book 1850-1863 1 volume
St. Joseph's Church-Leicester, MA Announcements 1952-1957 2 volumes
Stearns Family Papers   8 boxes;
7 volumes
Strain, James Ledger and Problem
1846-1847 1 volume
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Tehan, Rev. James J., S.J. Papers 1869-1879 1 box
Town, Rev. Jerome E., S.J. Papers 1910s 1 box
Unidentified Account Book Account Book 1858-1865 1 volume
Unidentified Diary and Notes Diary 1926 1 volume
Unidentified Irish Novel Book Undated 1 volume
Unidentified Notebook Book 1880-1889 1 volume
Unidentified Notebook Book Undated 1 volume
Unidentified Notebooks Books 1843, undated

4 notebooks and two partial notebooks

Unidentified Poetry Book Book 1840s 1 volume, 2 folders
Unidentified Religious Writings Books Undated 13 bound notebooks
Unidentified Scrapbook from Jesuit Schools Book 1912-1919 1 volume
Vaughan, Clare Collection 1861; 1892-1905 1 Box
Walberg, John W. Papers 1940-1945 1 box
Walsh Family Papers Papers 1933-1945 27 boxes
Walsh, David I., Papers Papers 1879-1955 (chiefly 1920s-1940s)  
Walsh, Rev. Thomas  Scrapbook 1912-1928 1 volume
Wayman, Dorothy  Papers 1890s-1969  
Williams, Edward Bennett Autograph Collection Collection   69 Framed Objects
Williams, Rev. Joseph J., S.J. Collection   9 Boxes; 1 Volume
Williams, H. Martin Scrapbook 1889-1908 1 Volume
Winslow, Gordon Photographs 1929-1933 6 folders
Worcester Pamphlet Collection Collection   4 boxes