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This page is a partial listing of the Record Groups which the College Archives has processed. Selecting a linked Record Group will take you to a Finding Aid for that Record Group. The Finding Aid is in pdf format and is printable.


RG 1.0           College Photo Collection
RG 1.01 Founders
RG 1.1 Trustees
RG 1.3 Presidents
RG 1.5 Faculty
RG 1.7 Administrators/Staff
RG 1.9 Students/Alumni
RG 1.11 Jesuits
RG 1.13 Other People (PDF)
RG 1.16 Academics
    Theatre Department
       Fenwick Theatre 1965-1996 (PDF)
RG 1.19A Athletics- Men's
RG 1.19B Athletics- Women's
RG 1.22 Campus Life
RG 1.25 Extracurriculars (large files have individual .pdf file)
   Full listing of RG 1.25 Files
   A.C.T. (PDF)
   Cross and Scroll (PDF)
   Dramatic Society (PDF)
   Music Clubs
   Purple Key
RG 1.28 Events
RG 1.31 Buildings
RG 1.32 Campus Scenes
RG 1.33 Worcester Scenes
RG 1.34 Art (PDF)
RG 1.37 College Website
RG 1.40 Archives Department
RG 1.41 Institutions Affiliated with Holy Cross

RG 2.0           Personal Photo Collection
RG 3.0           Audio Visual Collection

RG 3.1 Academics
     RG 3.1.1    Faculty - Individuals
     RG 3.1.2A  Faculty Minutes
     RG 3.1.2B  Faculty Convocations
     RG 3.1.3    Interdisciplinary Studies
     RG 3.1.4    Educational Policy Committee
     RG 3.1.5    Committees
     RG 3.1.6    Administrators and Staff
     RG 3.1.7    Jesuit Community
     RG 3.1.8    Honors Theses
     RG 3.1.9    Academic Affairs Council
     RG 3.1.10  McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture (formerly CREC)
RG 3.2 Athletics
      RG 3.2.1    Football
      RG 3.2.2    Football Miscellaneous
      RG 3.2.3    Gordie Lockbaum 1984-1989
      RG 3.2.4    Men's Basketball
      RG 3.2.5    Women's Basketball
      RG 3.2.6    Basketball Miscellaneous
      RG 3.2.7    Miscellaneous Sports
      RG 3.2.8    Duplicate Copies
RG 3.3 Campus General     
      RG 3.3.1 Mass of the Holy Spirit      
      RG 3.3.2 Commencements
      RG 3.3.3 Student Performances
         Dance (PDF)
         Theatre-  ACT Theatre (PDF)
         Theatre-  Fenwick Theatre (PDF)
         Theatre - Senior Class Play (PDF)
         Theatre-  Miscellaneous Drama (PDF)
      RG 3.3.4 Anniversaries
      RG 3.5 Campus Events
          Unnamed Lectures and Events -Dedications and Building Related Events (PDF)
          Unnamed Lectures and Events -Presidential Events (PDF)
          Unnamed Lectures and Events -Miscellaneous Lectures (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Fenwick Scholars (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Forgiveness Conference (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Hanify Lectures (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Hiatt Commemorative Program Lectures (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Last Lecture Series (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Lilly Vocational Discernment Initiate (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Practicing Catholic (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Presidential Colloquia on Jesuits and the Liberal Arts (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Deitchman Family Lectures on Religion and Modernity (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Rodino Lecture (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Senior Convocation (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Symposium on Evil (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -2YO Program (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Thomas More Lecture on Faith, Work and Civic Life (PDF)
          Named Lecture Series -Vanacelli Lecture Series (PDF)

RG 6             Student Records
RG 6.0 Miscellaneous Early Student Records (PDF)

RG 7             Founders
RG 7.1 Rev. James Fitton Papers (PDF)
RG 7.2 Bishop Benedict Joseph Fenwick Papers (PDF)

RG 8             Healy Family
RG 8.0 Bishop James A. Healy Papers (PDF)
RG 8.1 Rev. Patrick F. Healy, S.J. Papers (PDF)
RG 8.2 Rev. Alexander Sherwood Healy Papers (PDF)
RG 8.3 Michael A. Healy Papers (PDF)

RG 9             Early Material
RG 9.1 Early College Records (PDF)
RG 9.2 Diaries, Reminiscences, Descriptions of the College (PDF)
RG 9.3 Copies of Records about Holy Cross in Other Archives (PDF)
RG 9.4 Farm Records (PDF)
RG 9.5 Records of the College Seal (PDF)
RG 9.6 College Calendars (PDF)

RG 10           College Histories
RG 10.1 Early Histories (.pdf file)
RG 10.2 Student Papers on College History (PDF)
RG 10.3 Francis Drumm's Historical Notes (PDF)
RG 10.4 Rev. Walter J. Meagher, S.J. Historical Notes
RG 10.5 Rev. Anthony Kuzniewski, S.J. Thy Honored Name

RG 11           Trustees
RG 11.0 Board of Trustees
RG 11.1 Board of Associate Trustees

RG 12           College Presidents
RG 12.1 Rev. Thomas F. Mulledy, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.2 Rev. James Ryder, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.3 Rev. John Early, S. J. (PDF)
RG 12.4 Rev. Anthony F. Ciampi, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.5 Rev. Peter J. Blenkinsop, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.6 Rev. James Clark, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.7 Rev. Robert W. Brady, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.8 Rev. Joseph B. O'Hagan, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.9 Rev. Edward D. Boone, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.10 Rev. Samuel Cahill, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.11 Rev. Michael O'Kane, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.12 Rev. Edward A. McGurk, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.13 Rev. John F. Lehy, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.14 Rev. Joseph F. Hanselman, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.15 Rev. Thomas E. Murphy, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.16 Bishop Joseph N. Dinand, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.17 Rev. James J. Carlin, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.18 Rev. John M. Fox, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.19 Rev. Francis J. Dolan, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.20 Rev. Joseph R.N. Maxwell, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.21 Rev. William J. Healy, S.J. (PDF)
RG 12.22 Rev. John A. O'Brien, S.J.
RG 12.23 Rev. William A. Donaghy, S.J.
RG 12.24 Rev. Raymond J. Swords, S.J.
RG 12.25 Rev. John E. Brooks, S.J.
RG 12.26 Rev. Gerard Reedy, S.J.
RG 12.26A Frank Vellaccio, Acting President
RG 12.27 Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J.
RG 12A Executive Assistants to the Presidents
RG 12B Vice Presidents of the College

RG 13           Provost
RG 13.0 Provost/Senior Vice President

RG 14           Academic Affairs & Dean of the College
RG 14.0 Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the College
RG 14.1 Associate & Assistant Deans
    RG 14.1A Assistant Deans/Minority Students
    RG 14.1B Academic Services & Learning Resources
    RG 14.1C Educational Technology
RG 14.2 Admissions
RG 14.3 Registrar
    RG 14.3A Honorary Degrees
    RG 14.3B Commencement
RG 14.4 Library
RG 14.5 Cantor Art Gallery
RG 14.6 Department Chairs
RG 14.7 Academic Departments
RG 14.8 Faculty (Individuals)
    RG 14.8A Faculty Collections
RG 14.9 Faculty General
    RG 14.9A Faculty Meetings
    RG 14.9B Faculty Handbooks
    RG 14.9C Holy Cross Women's Club
    RG 14.9D AAUP
RG 14.10 Advisor of Graduate Studies
RG 14.12 Committees
RG 14.17 Grants for Research

RG 15           Student Affairs & Dean of the Students
RG 15.0 Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
    RG 15.0A Student Affairs Publications, Reports and Print Materials
    RG 15.0B Assistant Dean of Students/Dean of Men
RG 15.1 Associate Dean of Students/Director of Student Activities
    RG 15.1A Student Organizations
    RG 15.1B Student Publications
    RG 15.1C Student Government
    RG 15.1D Honor Societies
    RG 15.1E College Sponsored Lectures
    RG 15.1F College Sponsored Events
    RG 15.1K Events & Lectures Sponsored by Off-Campus Agencies
RG 15.2 Associate Dean of Students/Director of Housing
    RG 15.2A Assistant Director of Housing
    RG 15.2B Associate Dean of Students for Residential Life
RG 15.3 Financial Aid
RG 15.4 Counseling Center & Career Planning
RG 15.6 Chaplains
RG 15.8 Health Services
RG 15.11 Office of Social Concerns

RG 16           Business Affairs/Treasurer
RG 16.0 Vice President for Business Affairs/Treasurer
RG 16.1 Director of Physical Plant
    RG 16.1B Campus Buildings
    RG 16.1C Assistant Director of Physical Plant
    RG 16.1D Grounds
    RG 16.1E Executive Housekeeper
RG 16.2 Director of Administrative Services
    RG 16.2A Human Resources
    RG 16.2B Purchasing
    RG 16.2C Telecommunications
    RG 16.2D Graphic Arts
RG 16.4 Director of Auxiliary Services
    RG 16.4A Director of Hogan Campus Center
    RG 16.4B Food Services
    RG 16.4C Bookstore
    RG 16.4D Post Office
RG 16.6 Information Technology Services
RG 16.7 Public Safety

RG 17           Development & Alumni Relations
RG 17.0 Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations
RG 17.1 Public Relations
RG 17.2 Development
RG 17.3 Alumni Relations
    RG 17.3A Alumni Files
    RG 17.3B Alumnus/Crossroads/Holy Cross Magazine
    RG 17.3C Holy Cross Quarterly
RG 17.5 Director of Estate Planning

RG 18           Athletic Department
RG 18.0 Athletic Department
RG 18.1 Director of Athletics
    RG 18.1A Coordinator of Women's Athletics
RG 18.2 Business Manager of Athletics
RG 18.3 Sports Information
RG 18.4 Coaches
RG 18.6 Athletic Facilities
RG 18.10A Men's Athletic Teams
RG 18.10B Women's Athletic Teams
RG 18.13 Miscellaneous Sports Newsprint
RG 18.15 Varsity Club
RG 18.17 Sports Scrapbooks

RG 23          Other Worcester Colleges/Consortium
RG 24          Other Related Organizations
RG 25          College Archives
RG 28          Memorabilia, Art, Collections

RG 28.1 Material in the Archives
RG 28.2 Campus Art, etc.

RG 30          Books