Policies and Procedures

Reading Room Usage

1.  Readers are required to register upon their first visit to the College Archives and will be signed in on each subsequent visit. Registration forms will become part of the permanent record of the department.

2.  All material must be used in the Archives Reading Room.

3.  Neither food nor drinks are allowed in the Archives Reading Room.

4.  All packages, bags, briefcases, and coats will be stored in the location designated by the staff. All personal property brought into the reading room is subject to inspection upon leaving.

5.  Readers must use pencil or laptop computer for note taking.  Pens, markers and scanners may not be used in the Archival Reading Room.

6. Readers must wash their hands with soap and water before handling collections. Residue from hand sanitizer can harm collections and therefore, should not be used before handling any materials. In some instances, readers may be directed to wear gloves by staff.

7.  Care must be taken in handling all Archival and Special Collections material.  All items must lie flat on the tables.  Nothing is to be placed on top of the material.

8.  The original order of all collections must be maintained.  Do not rearrange material.  Please report any disarrangement to the staff.

9.  Reference scans for research purposes may be made available upon request. The Archives reserves the right to limit the number of copies made and to refuse to copy any item if such copying will damage the material.  Copies of entire books, manuscript collections or archival record groups will not be made.  We reserve the right to refuse to copy material which in our judgment would involve violation of the copyright law.

10.  Reproduction of photographs, videos or audio-visual material will be performed by the College.  Please consult with the College Archivist for further information.

11.  Readers who wish to publish, reprint or reproduce materials in the collection should request permission in writing from the College Archivist. For publication of photographs, refer to the Photograph Publication Contract below.

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Photograph Publication Contract

link to print Photographic Publication Contract (PDF)

1. Purchase of a photographic print does not carry with it the right to publish or to make a reproduction in any form. Researchers may not reproduce or permit others to reproduce purchased photographic copies without written permission from the College Archivist or Assistant Archivist. Photographic images for personal use do not require a contract. Any other use, such as publication or exhibition, requires specific written permission from the College Archivist or Assistant Archivist.

2. Permission is for non-exclusive, one-time use only, with no other rights. Permission is limited to the use and format as indicated by the applicant only, and excludes all other uses and formats. All subsequent use and reuse, in any form, must be applied for in writing.

3. Permission is valid only for the individual, company, or institution to whom it is specifically issued and may not be transferred, assigned, sold, or otherwise disposed of without prior written permission of the College Archivist or Assistant Archivist.

4. In authorizing the publication of a photographic copy the College does not surrender its own right to use the image, or to grant that right to others.

5. A credit line must appear directly beneath the image published or reproduced. Video and film credits must appear in the section devoted to acknowledgments. The proper citation for each image should read: "College of the Holy Cross Archives" or "College of the Holy Cross Distinctive Collections" as appropriate.

6. One complimentary copy of any publication in which images from the College of the Holy Cross Archives and Distinctive Collections appear shall be sent to the College of the Holy Cross Archives. This includes books, brochures, pamphlets, periodicals, exhibition catalogues, and other media.

7. Responsibility for observance of copyright and other publication rights, including literary rights, as defined by the Copyright Act of 1998, rests with the applicant and not with the College of the Holy Cross. The applicant shall indemnify and hold harmless the College of the Holy Cross and the contributing organizations against any and all claims by third parties.

8. College of the Holy Cross Archives & Distinctive Collections reserves the right to charge for the use of materials as it deems appropriate in any individual case.


I/We herewith agree to the conditions specified above:

Name (sign) _____________________ Name (print)______________

Date_____________ Address:________________________________

Telephone:_______________ Publisher_________________________

Format & Title____________________________________________

Image Description__________________________________________

Date of Publication ________________

Author(s) ________________________________________________

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