Department of Education

Chair: Ericka Fisher
Stein 436

Academic administrative assistant: Abigail Blouin
Stein 435

Renowned Faculty

The faculty in the Department of Education are widely recognized for their research and publications, not only among academics but also among educators and policy makers.

This group of renowned scholars is dedicated to providing students with an excellent classroom experience while remaining active in community schools and in discussions about education at the national level. They actively seek to make the community part of the educational experience for Holy Cross students while also utilizing their own research and expertise to impact the community.

Rigorous Academics

As a student in the program, you will do substantial reading, engage in creative and high-level analytic thought, and display strong writing and speaking skills.

Commitment to Social Justice

As a Jesuit, liberal arts college, we take very seriously the idea that we should be concerned with social justice issues — how removing disparities in educational opportunities and experiences can lead to a more just society. This concern is evidenced in our curricular requirements, as well as our pre-practicum and practicum experiences.

Who’s an Education Minor?

Students in a variety of majors, including sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, are represented among our education minors.

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