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The Education Minor is a six-course program open to students of all majors.  The minor allows students to study the field of education as a liberal arts discipline and is separate from the Teacher Education Program.

Education Minor Requirements

  1. Introductory course (one of the following is required):

      EDUC 167  Educational Psychology

      EDUC 169  Schooling in the United States

  1. Social Justice/Urban Issues (select one only):

      EDUC 273  Urban Education

      EDUC 340  Multicultural Education

  1. Three Additional Electives in Education (other than EDUC 273 or EDUC 340)

      Or two electives in Education and one appropriate outside course from an allied field

  1. Capstone Experience related to teaching and learning


Education Electives

EDUC 231  Adolescent Literacy

EDUC 232  Schools: Surviving & Achieving

EDUC 234  Family, Students  & Schools

EDUC 275  Historical Perspectives on American Education

EDUC 301  Methods of Teaching

EDUC 315  English Language Learners

EDUC 330  Seminar in Teaching (TEP students only)

EDUC 352  American School Reform

EDUC 360  Research in Education


Capstone Courses

EDUC 360  Research in Education

EDUC 380  Capstone Seminar

EDUC 390  Tutorial

EDUC 394  Directed Research

ACIP 379   Academic Internship

DCSP 382  Washington Internship


Elective Courses from allied fields

PSYC 223  Learning

PSYC 225  Developmental Psychology

PSYC 228  Psychology of Adolescence

PSYC 232  Developmental Science and Education

PSYC 236  Cognition & Memory

PSYC 326 Cognition Across Cultures

PSYC 328 Adolescent Health

SOCL 269  Sociology in Education