Research Associates Program

The Research Associates Program provides faculty with funds to hire a student research assistant during the semester.

The Research Associate award is available at varying levels (10 hours per week, 7.5 hours per week, or 5 hours a week) for the eleven-week duration of the program. Our ability to meet this preference will depend upon how many overall requests we receive. 

We will be looking for proposals for the Fall 2022 that pose significant opportunities to assist faculty scholarship. Applications most likely to be funded are those that will advance specific projects within the semester of the award. For this reason, proposals should outline a clear set of tasks and goals and explain how the work can be completed in the time allotted.

We also believe that this kind of work is rewarding for students both intellectually and in the development of their personal capacities. To that end, we are particularly looking for proposals that demonstrate potential for encouraging student development. This should not require much—if any—more mentoring than a faculty member would usually provide a research assistant, but will at minimum require:

  • a student learning contract, outlining the work required and the learning opportunities associated with the work;
  • a structured mid-semester conversation with the faculty member, discussing the relation of the project to the student’s overall experience;
  • and a final essay by the student responding to a prompt (ideally 2-3 paragraphs) about their work as a Research Associate

Summer Research Associates

We are now accepting applications for the Summer 2022 Research Associates Program, which will run concurrently with the Summer School session. This program is intended to provide additional opportunities for faculty and students to engage in research. The Program provides faculty with funds to engage a student research assistant during the summer. The standard Research Associate award will fund a student to engage in research with a faculty member for ten hours of work per week, for six weeks or two students for five hours a week for six weeks. The amount of funding awarding will depend upon the number of total requests received. The program is scheduled to start on June 6 and run through July 15.

 Please keep in mind:

  • Students who are participating in the Weiss Summer Research Program may not simultaneously be hired as Research Associates. Students (and faculty members) who had applied to the Weiss Program but were not accepted to that program are welcome to apply to the Research Associates Program.
  • Students can work remotely, but they need to be in Massachusetts while conducting Research Associates work.
  • Housing will not be provided as part of the Research Associates program.
  • Priority will be given to faculty who have not recently received Research Associates funding.
  • Only current faculty and students are eligible to participate.    

Summer 2022 proposals are due April 29 by 11:59 p.m. We are happy to talk with you about your proposal in more detail if you like. We anticipate that you will have students in mind for these positions. We will also have a pool of students who have indicated that they are interested, as well as a list of the research skills that they have.

How to Apply

We are currently accepting applications for the Summer 2022 session, but an email will go out later in the summer with more information to submit proposals for Fall of 2022.

Apply Here

If you have any additional questions reach out to Michelle Sterk Barrett or Fatima Oseida.