Experiential Learning Partial Credit

The Experiential Learning Partial Credit (ELPC) is a program that helps you get your summer internship experience noted on your transcript.

If you have an internship during the summer that lasts at least 200 hours total, you can get this experience noted on your official academic transcript. The J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World is able to record summer research or internship experiences on your academic transcript in the form of an ELPC. The hope is that this notation will help you better communicate your work to your faculty advisor, future employers, or prospective graduate schools.

If you would like to receive this credit, you need to complete the online application, which usually comes out in mid-March. Once you submit the application, you will then be asked to submit a final reflection at the end of your internship. Additionally, your internship supervisor will receive a student evaluation survey. You will only get the ELPC once these three steps are completed.

Crusader Internship Fund (CIF) students can also receive this credit! However, students completing CIF internships will receive an email from the Center for Career Development with specific instructions on how to request ELPC.

Because this is only a partial credit (0.5 credit), it cannot count as one of your 32 courses required for graduation, nor will it fulfill any curricular requirements. It also cannot be combined with any other credit- such as a lab course. It will also not be graded nor count towards your GPA. The primary purpose of this partial credit is to highlight your experiential learning experience on your transcript. It will be on all official and unofficial copies of your transcript.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Fatima Oseida (foseida@holycross.edu) or visit us in Smith 334.


You can find the Summer 2022 application on myHC.