Experiential Learning Partial Credit (ELPC)

The Experiential Learning Partial Credit (ELPC) is a program that helps you get your summer and/or academic-year internship experience noted on your transcript.

Through the Experiential Learning Partial Credit (ELPC), students who participate in an extensive internship or research experience may have this experience noted on their academic transcript. The ELPC is offered twice annually: once for summer experiences and once for academic year experiences.

To be eligible for the ELPC, three steps must be completed by a student: 1) Submit an online application registering an intent to earn the ELPC; 2) Participate in an internship or research experience for at least 200 hours (Note: Students cannot accumulate more than 10 hours a week when classes are in session. This will necessitate that students engage with an internship over two semesters in most situations.); 3) Submit an essay responding to questions that prompt reflection upon what was learned through the internship/research experience. Additionally, an evaluation from the student’s internship and/or research supervisor will be collected to confirm satisfactory completion of the experience.


  Academic-Year ELPC Summer ELPC
Application May 10, 2023 June 14, 2023
Evaluation from Supervisor July 7, 2023 September 29, 2023
Reflection July 7, 2023 September 29, 2023

Because this is only a partial credit, it cannot count towards one of the 32 courses required for graduation, nor will it fulfill any curricular requirements. It also cannot be combined with any other partial credit (i.e., a lab course) to count as one full course credit. The ELPC will not be graded nor count towards a student’s GPA. The primary purpose of this partial credit is to highlight your experiential learning experience on your transcript. It will be on all official and unofficial copies of your transcript.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Fátima Oseida or visit us in Smith 334.