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MRC for students

Students The Multimedia Resource Center offers a wide range of services for students. Unlike other branches of the library,  Media is NOT permitted to leave the MRC  unless permission is given by a professor or administrator.

Jobs at the MRC- MRC Assistant applicants who are work-study qualified will be taken from Mid-April until just before Final Exams at the Supervisor's discretion. 

Dreamweaver, Publisher and Adobe Elements are available on most machines. Access to photoshop is available inside the main office

COLOR PRINTING HAS BEEN discontinued. Please see the copy center for your color printing needs

Full campus access to log in areas, mail, the internet and a printer. Please note that our printer is not made for large-scale printing jobs. Since we have so many classes in Stein, it is a quick stop for printing mail, power access, and wi-fi as well. We have a new area specifically for users bringing laptops. Our Podcast Room is a sound-reduced area with access to stationary microphones, cameras for recording.



room with monitor

Viewing/Virtual Reality room . This room may be used for playing DVDs and other media. In addition, a VR console has been added and access may be granted to the unit after speaking with Ian Kaloyanides ( Available as a breakout room, meetings for practicums and Skype conferencing (on request).

Access to small-scale scanning, Adobe Elements. Please see the Copy Center for larger needs and color printing. Access to specialty software for MLL COLOR PRINTING HAS BEEN discontinued. Please see the copy center for your color printing needs

Aplle TV station picture New Media Suites: Two rooms set aside for video and audio recording, editing and online meetings, please see more information under the link Media Suites

Books may be scanned and transferred to (computer voice) Audio format at the MRC. This is a lengthy process as the book must be approved as having no audio book available through Disability Services, a signed waiver that you approve that your book may be unbound, and the binding removed by Graphic Arts. Then, it can be brought to MRC to be scanned and read by OCR software and (human) proof-read before submission into Kurzweil for text-to-speech. We do this on a first-come, first serve basis. This can also be done for assigned readings.


scan station




Our Whiteboard Wall. See and share ideas on a large scale with our floor-to-ceiling space with dry-erase creativity (cleaned daily) wall of whiteboard


*** Those items that DO NOT contain a Call Number are owned by individual faculty and stored temporarily within the collection.

Audio Files
Video Holdings
Library Search

Students with Laptops-tech help from ITS


Helpful documents about foreign language keyboards and spellcheck, and accent marks.


And more! Feel free to ask if a service is available. Even if we cannot provide it, we may know who can!