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MRC for Faculty

The Multimedia Resource Center with Ed Tech  offer a number of services for our faculty including placing media on reserve or having media transferred into a digital format. Both clips and full films can be made accessible using Moodle and  Panopto. (Panopto may be used for lecture capture as well as media storage)  A number of films are available through Kanopy Streaming for classes.

To schedule classrooms in Stein for movie screenings, please use this link.


view of MRC podcast, monitors, keyboard imac

Our sound reduced audio and video room

This room may be scheduled for a number of projects-audiocasts, videocasts, interviews, Skype recording and more be sure to click here for a more extensive description






Imovies  screenshotTranscoding video from European and Asian DVD formats to our standard (PAL, SECAM to NTSC) and  NTSC VHS to DVD. We no longer offer PAL VHS. Importing video and audio into digital format so it can be viewed on a computer (EX: snippets of Asian movies are used by a cinema class for comparison and are in pre-formatted in a .mov file that can be shown on a classroom computer or viewed via panopto) Large quantity OCR scanning on request combined with text-to-speech. Scanning access and graphics aid for web use and Powerpoint Acting as a reserve area for personal copies of media (temporary), media from the library and individual departments.



Viewing roomViewing rooms that may be reserved for practicums, consultation, breakout discussion, distraction-free workspace and reviews. Our world viewing room is equipped with a large plasma screen, portable whiteboard, a multi-region DVD/VCR player and other equipment.

An ASL conferencing unit is available upon request

Audiobooks (purchased via Student Development Disability Services) from Learning Ally® for students

Computer Lab that may be reserved for language testing, limited quizzes and specialty software.

Audio Files
Video Holdings
Library Search
Helpful documents about foreign language keyboards and spellcheck, and accent marks.

*** Those items that DO NOT contain a Call Number are owned by individual faculty and stored temporarily within the collection.

NOTE: Media on reserve at the Multimedia Resource Center is required to be viewed at our location and not to leave or be checked out overnight.  Our collection is available for faculty and staff viewing at the discretion of the MRC supervisor.