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Media Suites at Multimedia Resource Center

Because our suites are not available: please see instructions for Zencastr below or click through to any of the suite pages to use Audacity at home!


Photo of Media Suite I


Media Suite II


Media Suite I Media Suite II











Zencastr Before you record video. Please note that Zencaster does not offer edit services but the MP3 file may be edited with Audition, Audacity, or iMovie

Our single-user recording  Zencastr instructions

Two or more participants in a Zencastr session (1 min 27 sec)

Our sound reduced Media Suites are perfect for podcasting, readings, Skype interviews, captioning video, recording video, sound editing and more.  These rooms are sized to hold 1-4 persons at a time. It is equipped with four+ microphones, full-size LCD screen for large-scale viewing, iMac.  Software includes Audacity, iMovie, Premiere, Camtasia, Skype, Skype recorder, Garage Band and more. All student staff members can get you started with access, editing, imports and saves with most software packages.

This will not reserve technical help, only the room. For additional help please contact us and we will arrange for a time and requirements -

If you need to do a videocast or larger interview, look into the Audio Visual stand-alone studio