Exhibition Catalog

Keris/Cloth: Sacred Metal and Textile Arts of Indonesia

Curated by Susan Rodgers, Professor of Anthropology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, College of the Holy Cross. Organized by Roger Hankins, Director, Cantor Art Gallery.

Catalog: ISBN: 0-615-12308-2, 60 pages, 38 black and white illustrations, 30 color.

Minangkabau and Toba Batak, West Sumatra traditions are represented. The catalog includes 32 examples of jewelry, regalia and weaponry such as a Suntiang, or large Chinese-style bridal headdress, several Minangkabau coral and gold necklaces, a ceremonial keris or karih from Solak, 19th c. gold dust peddlers tools, contemporary wedding costumes and textiles for both men and women's ceremonial dress woven in the principle weaver centers and villages during the 19th and 20 century. Lenders to the exhibition included: Anne and John Summerfield and the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History.

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