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Mother and Child, Elizabeth Catlett

The Art of Elizabeth Catlett from the Collection of Samella Lewis
September 7 - December 15, 2021
Organized by Landau Traveling exhibiitons, Los Angeles, California

Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012) enjoyed a long and prolific career spanning more than seven decades. Her activism inspired social change; her influence as a mentor, teacher, and change agent touched myriads.  The granddaughter of enslaved workers, Catlett’s life and art were inarguably fueled by that legacy and by a strong sense of responsibility to become the voice of those whose own voices were too often silenced:  women, African Americans, Mexican laborers. As an African American artist coming of vocational age in the 1930s, Catlett forged ahead despite adversity and was able to overcome significant challenges related to racism and sexism.

This exhibition includes drawings, prints, and sculpture by Catlett, and works by her husband Francisco Mora, as well as Samella Lewis.