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Catholic Collecting, Catholic Reflection 1538-1850:
Objects as a Measure of Reflection on a Catholic Past and the Construction of Recusant Self-Identity in England                   and America

Virginia Raguin, editor and Professor Visual Arts, College of the Holy Cross. Contributions from A.I. Doyle, Durham University; Janet Graffius, Stoneyhurst College; Seth Hindin, Harvard University; Amanda Luyster, College of the Holy Cross; Roderick Roffey, King Alfred’s College; Robert Scully, S.J., LeMonye College.

Catalog: Published by the College of the Holy Cross, 2006. ISBN: 0-9616183-0-2/978-0-9616183-0-8; 224 pages, 136 black and white illustrations, 35 color.

The catalog focuses on the preservation of religious objects by Catholics during the “penal times” under British law. These objects, stained glass, liturgical vestments, paintings, books, sculpture and other works of art important to Catholic culture and worship, embodied the faithful’s bonds with God, church tradition, and each other. When suppressed, many Catholics during this period came to identify their faith with the prayer books, paintings, and objects of ritual such as Mass vestments and chalices that they were able to obtain or hide. These Catholics became known as recusants — recusing themselves from oaths of loyalty and participation in the state-sanctioned religion.

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