• If you are in distress and need to speak with someone urgently, an on-call crisis counselor can be reached 24/7 at the following numbers:
    Holy Cross 24-hour Crisis Center number (855-418-7282)
    National Suicide Help Line (800-273-8225)

Student-Athlete Resources

There is great courage in prioritizing your mind and heart just as you do your body. When a student-athlete is taking care of their mental health, they are actively pursuing athletic and academic excellence.

Please use this website as a resource to improve your psychological and emotional development and performance as a student-athlete at Holy Cross.

If you would like to meet with Dr. Trevor Cote, please email him at tcote@holycross.edu or call 508-793-3363 to schedule an appointment. The counseling services provided are confidential.


Pie chart image of Sport Psychology Model including peak performance, performance adversity and mental health

Sport Psychology Model 

If you would like to consult with Dr. Trevor Cote, please email him at tcote@holycross.edu or call 508-793-3363 to schedule an appointment.

 "It is frustrating for athletes to be injured, but I found that those who have the positive attitudes and trust the process are the ones who get back the quickest."   

- Olympic Head AT, Colorado Springs

It is widely understood that sport injuries have the potential to cause a great deal of psychological distress and negative consequences (Brewer, 2007). Getting through any injury requires both physical and psychological support and your recovery time can depend on how well you effectively manage and approach the recovery process. Remember, no one athlete experiences injuries and rehabs the same way, but being educated on similar responses and reactions as well as optimal mindset approaches can improve and speed up the recovery process. 

Please use these resources to help push through the inevitable obstacles and challenges on your road to recovery. Utilize your athletic trainers or student-athlete counseling resources to return to form and come back stronger.


Stages of Injury Recovery

Psychological Impact of Injury

Mental Skills to Improve Injury Recovery

Videos & Articles of Professional and Collegiate Student-Athletes
    Steve Nash 8 Minute Documentary (video) 
    How Injury Affects Mental Health (video)
    Injury to World Record (video) 
    NCAA Article: "How Being Injured Affects Mental Health" 



Mental Health Resources and Virtual Support Groups 
    Student-Athlete Mental Health Resources by NCAA Sport Science Institute 
    National Alliance on Mental Illness
    Virtual Support for Eating Concerns

Stories from Collegiate and Professional Athletes Managing Their Mental Health
    Kevin Love:  "Everyone is Going Through Something"
    DeMar DeRozan:  "We're All Human" 
    Michael Phelps:  "Here's How He Coped"
    Amanda Beard 

    Beneath the Surface: My Story by Michael Phelps 
    The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance by George Mumford 
    The Confidence Gap: A guide to overcoming fear and self-doubt by Russ Harris