• If you are in distress and need to speak with someone urgently, an on-call crisis counselor can be reached 24/7 at the following numbers:
    Holy Cross 24-hour Crisis Center number (855-418-7282)
    National Suicide Help Line (800-273-8225)

Peer Education

The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) staff members serve as advisors to the College's peer education program; Counseling Outreach Peer Educators (COPE).


Coordinator of Counseling Outreach Peer Educators (COPE):
Emily Wilcox, Psy.D.
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COPE Mission

COPE focuses on building a strong connection between CAPS and Holy Cross students through inclusive outreach programming designed to increase student awareness of mental health issues and reduce the stigma associated with seeking help. Through direct programming and primary prevention efforts, COPE provides education and resources for students of diverse backgrounds. COPE seeks to promote emotional well-being among Holy Cross students and to help them resolve stressful situations when they arise. As a peer education group, COPE does not engage in peer counseling.

My coordinator role means that I advise COPE members who engage the community by providing outreach programming on mental health issues and referring students to CAPS and other supportive resources. I also manage outreach requests that are aligned with COPE’s mission and coordinate joint efforts with other peer educator groups and student groups. Outreach requests for COPE can be made 30 days in advance of the event date.

How to Contact Me

To contact me regarding programming or consultation related to COPE, please email me at ewilcox@holycross.edu.