Sociology is the study of social relationships and institutions in society.  Sociology at Holy Cross provides close faculty-student interaction and mentoring. Students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom by participating in internships, study abroad opportunities, community-based learning, and multidisciplinary concentrations. Students graduate with strong critical thinking and research skills, entering careers such as business, health professions, education, marketing, and non-profit organizations.  Students intending to participate in the health professions advising program are encouraged to take Sociology 101 in their first or second year.

Majors:  Students who are considering a major in Sociology should enroll in SOCL 101, Sociological Perspective, during the fall or spring of their first year. SOCL 101 courses are usually limited to first- and second-year students only.

SOCL 101
The Sociological Perspective
Common Area: Social Science
A one-semester introduction to the principles of sociological analysis. Through a critical examination of selected topics and themes, this course develops a sociological perspective for the interpretation and understanding of cultural differences, age and sex roles, discrimination, the family and the workplace, bureaucracies, stratification, and the problems of poverty.

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