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Sociology is the study of social relationships and institutions in society.  Sociology at Holy Cross provides close faculty-student interaction and mentoring. Students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom by participating in internships, study abroad opportunities, community-based learning, and multidisciplinary concentrations. Students graduate with strong critical thinking and research skills, entering careers such as business, health professions, education, marketing, and non-profit organizations.  Students intending to participate in the health professions advising program are encouraged to take Sociology 101 in their first or second year.

Majors:  Students who are considering a major in Sociology should enroll in SOCL 101, Sociological Perspective, during the fall or spring of their first year. SOCL 101 courses are usually limited to first- and second-year students only.

SOCL 101
The Sociological Perspective
Common Area: Social Science

This course is a one-semester introduction to sociology, a discipline that investigates how peoples’ lives are shaped by larger social forces. Sociologists argue that we cannot understand ourselves without understanding the society in which we live. Topics often addressed include the formation of self and identities; the social construction of reality; the sources and consequences of social inequality (class, race, gender and age); the organization and implications of contemporary social institutions (e.g., the family, education, sports); and patterns of societal change in modern and postmodern societies. Though a prerequisite for further work in sociology, the course is designed for all students who wish to explore the social world and their place in society.

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