Travel Policy and Services

Holy Cross faculty, staff and students are periodically expected to travel on authorized business on behalf of the College in furtherance of its tax exempt mission. Holy Cross is committed to the highest level of fiscal responsibility and stewardship with regard to its limited resources. All expenses to be paid by the College must:

1. be reasonable and necessary to conduct the business of the College

2. be within the approved budget allocation

3. represent an appropriate, bona fide business purpose

4. avoid the appearance of extravagance considering Holy Cross's non-profit, tax-exempt status

This policy applies to all university travel expenses regardless of the funding source or payment method. Divisions or departments may also impose stricter rules over expenditures than those required by this policy. No employee can authorize or approve business travel for themselves. Spend authorizations for excursions must be approved by your Supervisor and/or Budget Manager. The spend request should reasonably estimate the total cost of the trip and should include a detailed explanation of the business purpose of the trip.

Travel accommodations can be arranged through various methods, including but not limited to Holy Cross's preferred travel portal, Egencia. A service fee will be added to your transaction when using Egencia.To obtain access to the College's Egencia account, please provide your name exactly as it appears on the document (license or passport) that you use for ID at the airport. Your name will show up on your airline tickets this way and they should match, like middle name or initial. Please include your cell phone number so the airline can reach you with updates. Please email this information to 

You can get to the College's Egencia site from the link in the Faculty & Staff page on the College's website (next to Chrome River) or from the Google waffle (9 dot square in the upper right hand corner when your College email is open). Your user name is your College email address. 
If you add your credit card and other details to your Egencia profile, that information will feed directly through the system when you are booking travel.  If you're not finding the arrangements you need through Egencia or you find a less expensive option with a carrier or hotel, you can book directly with them and not go through Egencia.


Travelers are expected to use prudent judgment in the selection of hotels, which should be booked in advance using Holy Cross's designated travel agency, Egencia. Lodging is limited to a standard room. The traveler must submit an itemized hotel bill with the ChromeRiver Expense Report. Travelers may make hotel reservations directly with a hotel, should this provide a lower cost option or group rate availability that is not offered through Egencia. Many times conferences will offer reduced rates for hotels; employees should take advantage of those rates and not stay at more expensive hotels.

Holy Cross has negotiated rates with several local hotels in the Worcester area. A credit card is required for payment as direct billing is no longer available. Please see the list of hotels for contact information and restrictions.

Hotel Taxes

Although Holy Cross is a tax-exempt organization, as a general rule travelers must pay taxes charged by hotels. However in certain states, some/all of these taxes can be waived provided specific conditions are met. College travelers are encouraged to take advantage of these savings when applicable.

The College has a contract with Enterprise and National Car Rental. Our account includes discounted pricing and the College covers all insurances, you do not have to accept the added insurance from the vendor. Our corporate discount code is set up in Egencia, so you can book through their site. You can also go directly to Enterprise or National and enter the corporate code. One way rentals or reservations at an airport should be with National. Either way, booking a rental car requires a credit card as payment.  As always, follow College policies for driving students or other employees in a College owned or rented vehicle. There is a national shortage of rental cars, so if you can't book through Enterprise or National, you can use another company and decline added insurance. The College's insurance will cover the rental.