The Purchasing Department provides vendor and product information, pricing, competitive bidding and contract negotiation services for most goods and services required by the College.

Some information regarding certain contracts and vendors is available under Guide to Contracts.

The Purchasing Department is located in O'Kane Hall, Room 175.

The College is a non-profit institution and is exempt from state and federal taxes on commodities.

Central Stores is a nonprofit service of the Purchasing Department. As a service to the entire College, Central Stores will serve as a central receiving location and will deliver items to the ordering departments. Phone: 508-793-3307

Inventory Management is also a nonprofit service of the Purchasing Department. Any transfers or disposals of College assets must be approved by the Purchasing Manager. It is the Purchasing Department's objective to recycle surplus property among departments. Inventory Management must be notified of any asset transfers or disposals. The sale of any surplus property will be handled by the Purchasing Manager. Phone: 508-793-2233