Contracts and Agreements

Contract and Agreements Review Process

Contracts requiring signature should be sent to Upon receipt, the review, approval, and signature by an authorized signer will be coordinated.

Before sending the contract to, please make sure that you:

  • Use our standard template agreements whenever possible.  See this google site for current templates.
  • If using a vendor provided contract, read the contract and complete the Contract Review Cover Sheet.
  • Secure approval from the appropriate divisional leader to enter into the respective contract, both in terms of needs assessment, budget, and other resource allocation.
  • Communicate and obtain support from other functional areas that will be impacted by the contract or service(s).
  • Involve other offices for “restricted category” purchases.  Restricted category purchases are identified in the purchasing policy, and may involve specialized review by ITS, Risk Management, General Counsel, Facilities, or other appropriate offices. 
  • Ensure that the College’s legal name is correct.  It should be listed as Trustees of the College of the Holy Cross.
  • Obtain an editable version of the contract, preferably in Microsoft Word format. 


What is a contract and who can sign?

A contract is any document or arrangement which obligates the College (or a College employee acting on behalf of the College) to pay money, sell or dispose of something, buy or acquire something, provide or receive a service, or take or refrain from taking any action. “Contracts” includes agreements, deeds, leases, transfers, bonds, purchase and sale documents, loan or financing agreements, promissory notes, checks, licenses, purchase orders, memoranda of understanding, letter agreements, letters of intent, consents, waivers, and releases, and any other document or arrangement that obligates the College. 

When possible and appropriate, you should use the contract and agreement templates that have been vetted by Holy Cross's Office of General Council. This Google site is kept up to date with the most recent versions of the documents, so you should download the template from this folder for each use. If you are looking for a contract or template that is not on this site, please contact

No one may sign a contract (or any amendment or change to a contract) on behalf of the College of Holy Cross or any component of the College except authorized signers as assigned by the College By-Laws and individuals with written delegation of authority by the Treasurer or President.

Departments are responsible for obtaining budget approval, indicating areas of concern with the proposed contract, and communicating with other departments who will be involved in the contract prior to submission of proposed contracts for review. 

Departments are responsible for retaining a copy of the signed contract and for on-going oversight and compliance once signed.