Cynthia Hooper

Associate Professor/Director, Russian and Eastern European Studies
Department: History
Areas of Expertise: Russian history; Russian media; US-Russia relations
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David Karmon

Associate Professor
Department: Visual Arts
Areas of Expertise: sensory experience of buildings and cities; history and theory of architecture and urban form; history and theory of archaeology; preservation practices in early modern Rome
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Thomas Martin

Professor/Jeremiah W. O'Connor Jr. Chair in Classics
Department: Classics
Areas of Expertise: ancient Greek history; ancient Roman history; Alexander the Great; Pericles of Athens; Cleopatra; comparisons of the present time with Greek and Roman antiquity
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Ed O'Donnell

Associate Professor/Department Chair
Department: History
Areas of Expertise: nineteenth-century American history; ethnic and political history; Irish American experience; Henry George; Gilded Age; Second Gilded Age
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Stephanie Yuhl

Professor/Director, Montserrat
Department: History
Areas of Expertise: twentieth-century American history; Southern history; social movements; women soldiers; gender/sexualities; #MeToo movement
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