Ja-Nae Duane

Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Lecturer
Department: Ciocca Center
Areas of Expertise: entrepreneurship; startups; innovation; technology; social media; blockchain; business strategy; future of work; future of education
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Thomas Gottschang

Department: Economics and Accounting
Areas of Expertise: the economy of China; Chinese trade; banking reform in China; the economy of Vietnam; American economic ties with China economic development;
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Ellis Jones

Assistant Professor
Department: Sociology and Anthropology
Areas of Expertise: international peace studies; corporate social responsibility; mass media; social movements; sustainability, peace and conflict; conflict resolution; ethical consumerism; greenwashing; craft beer; craft brewers; lifestyle movements; eco-labels; armchair activism; political fact-checking; political advertising; post-truth politics; activism-related smartphone apps; the value of Wikipedia; hyperconsumption; corporate activism; locavorism
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Director of Communications
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Assistant Media Relations Director
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