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ATB Ambassadors

ATB Ambassadors collaborate to enhance the visibility of Arts Transcending Borders artists and programming among fellow students and the larger community. They are a group of enthusiastic and friendly Holy Cross students who have an interest in the arts that they want to share. In their roles as Ambassadors, these students gain hands-on experience in arts administration: from event planning and production, to interacting with guest artists on campus. Our Ambassadors truly are an essential part of our team.

2020-2021 Ambassadors

Chloe, female with blond hair, is seated at a table holding ice cream.

Chloƫ Burkett '21

"ATB is important for Holy Cross because it acts as a space to bring together students, faculty, and community members from different backgrounds to understand a shared experience. As college students in Worcester, MA, ATB plays an important role in facilitating opportunities to share global experiences and perspectives in a meaningful way."
Maggie, a female with brown hair, stands in a room with windows and bookcases.

Maggie Hannick '23

"ATB is one of the most unique parts of Holy Cross because it brings students, faculty, the community, and artists from around the world together. It allows anyone to participate in the arts and find joy, inspiration, and hope from it. From music to visual art to dance to technology, ATB artists are impressive and one-of-a-kind, and engaging with ATB enables the Holy Cross community to get to know these talented and passionate artists."

2018-2019 Ambassadors

Image of Mickenzie Kamm in front of the Ted Shawn Theatre

Mickenzie Kamm '19 (Lead)

“I had no idea that Arts Administration was my dream until I started as an Ambassador. Working with the ATB family has opened my eyes to the future and has allowed me to grow into a professional.” Read more from Mickenzie 

Image of Ajah Ellis with snake

Ajah Ellis '21

"Art is central to culture, and without ATB, Holy Cross would not be the creative and welcoming community it is today! ...I love discussing art and learning new things, and this position gives me an opportunity to do both." Read more from Ajah

Image of Laura Garcia seated

Laura Garcia '19

"ATB has the ability to tie in global perspectives using art as its platform. As a society that can become divisive at times, a platform such as this one is essential in providing oppotunities for conversation..." Read more from Laura

Image of Meaghan Lanctot

Meaghan Lanctot '21

"ATB is important for Holy Cross as it gives students access to not only incredible performances, but the ability to talk to real artists in person." Read more from Meaghan

2017-2018 Ambassadors

Image of Mickenzie Kamm on boat

Mickenzie Kamm '19 (Lead)

"Last year I witnessed how powerful art can be during the ATB event 'Home Within.' ...No words were spoken but yet such an important topic was being discussed through both visual art and music. I saw how art is a way to spark important conversation regarding major global issues." Read more from Mickenzie

Image of Ryan DeGraw

Ryan DeGraw '19

"The arts are applicable to every major, minor, and concentration. They possess a very unique ability to bring people from completely different backgrounds together to share an understanding of something magnificent." Read more from Ryan

Image of Katie Lovell

Katie Lovell '20

"ATB is important for Holy Cross students to experience because the programming exposes them to a different way to understand a concept. Through art, students may realize connections that they would not have through traditional forms, like a lecture..." Read more from Katie

Edith Mensah Otabil at the Louvre

Edith Mensah Otabil '19

"I'm really excited to be an ATB Ambassador because I get to share my passion for arts with the Holy Cross community." Read more from Edith

Image of Graham Offermann

Graham Offermann '19

"Exposure to the arts is essential for any person, especially a college student, to develop a strong ability to handle, and understand, social and political differences. ATB presents that opportunity to the Holy Cross community." Read more from Graham

2016-2017 Ambassadors

Image of Mickenzie Kamm at Holy Cross

Mickenzie Kamm '19 (Lead)

"ATB has been a great way for me to get more in touch with my passion for the arts and to be more involved in the campus community." Read more from Mickenzie

Image of Margaret Goddard at Holy Cross

Margaret Goddard '19

"[I] act as the link between the artist and the audience. Each project had me thinking creatively about unique ways to promote and excite the community. Not only have I learned to problem solve, work in a team, create design content...and [also to] think deeply about what it really means to transcend borders." Read more from Margaret

Image of Maria Claudia Schubert-Fontes at Holy Cross

Maria Claudia Schubert-Fontes '19

"An an Ambassador, I have been able to see firsthand the ways art can more fully express the humanistic side of an issue. I find that the more I learn within my classes, the more I search for an artistic interpretation to further its meaning." Read more from Maria Claudia

Image of Lauren Wilson at Holy Cross

Lauren Wilson '19

"Most importantly [ATB] has shown me the real-world application of my coursework and that doing something you love can be so much fun." Read more from Lauren