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Student Projects


Fall 2014: Time, Memory, Identity

PROJECT PROMPT -- GRANDMOTHERS: Groups will create works responding either literally or loosely to the prompt, taking inspiration from the notion of elders, heritage, history: the roots from which we individually and collectively spring. Groups will have an opportunity to explore this prompt through multiple art forms, e.g. make a song, turn it into a video, create a sculpture, conceive of a marketing plan/business plan, etc.  

Created by Team 7B: Kyle Robbins, Alex Sneirson, Bryan Rodriguez, Lissie Russert, Sophia Jin


PROJECT PROMPT -- CONJURERS: Groups will create works inspired by the notion of personal identity as something we don’t simply inherit through our ancestry and the circumstances of our place and time, but also as something we play an active role in crafting, authoring, choosing, conjuring. Groups may explore this prompt through various media, or choose to spend all their time making a single fully-realized creative work. 

Created by Charles Murphy '15